Monday, July 12, 2010

Team Building

A few days ago Mike, Alan, and I missioned out to Creston, BC for Goatstyle!  For the Banshee team, we’re all about team building.  Through Pina Colada smoothies for breakfast, breathtaking games of chess, and seeing who could jump over their foot, the team got real close, real fast.


On a serious note, it was an awesome time and everyone threw down!  Mike took home 2nd place with a crazy run, and the Friday Night Lights Jam went off!  Alan landed a dialed corkflip barspin, and I stuck a superman to tailwhip flip!  I got a chance to meet Paul, who was killing it all weekend as well, qualifying and putting together an awesome run!

There’s not too much video and pics up of the contest yet, but I’ll try to post them as I find em.  Mike, Alan, and I got up at 4:30 to meet with Jason Headley, Mike Zinger, and Aaron Larock for a sunrise shoot up on the course, so stay tuned for the result of that!  Here’s a video of Friday Night Lights that Reece put together.  Alan’s cork-bar and my superflipwhip are in there.

Thanks go out to the guys at Geax too, generously helping us all out a lot!