Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The Journey to Colorado!

Justin Wyper, Brendan Howey, and I made the sad departure from Whistler the other day, to begin our journey to Colorado.  One of the CoC campers, Grant Minishred Schnell, generously showed us around on some awesome trails when we were passing through Washington, and further let us spend the night at his house!  Thanks again buddy!  We made the long haul to Colorado the next day, and 24 hours later (with some interesting experiences), we made it!

Once we got here, we hiked up the course to check it out.  Looks pretty sweet, except the Tower of Terror (double whale tale) looks a bit daunting.  I suppose we’ll see tomorrow in practice.

Right now, we’re killin some time hangin out at Starbucks waiting for $2 tacos to start at 3:00 at Lime.  They’ve got some interesting power outlet placements here!