Friday, July 16, 2010

Robs Back

So i'm kind of on a mini vacation on Penghu Island... but i took the office with me - good thing.
I got word while on the tour bus that Rob broke his back and i'm trying to get more information on it. This comes a few hours after hearing that Mike Montgomery crashed big at the Claymore Challenge and has done a fine job on his bike...
Mike if you see this blog post send me an email with your phone number... Rob was your contact but he's out of action.

Thanks James for the info... keep me updated on Rob.

Update from Keith...

I just heard from Rob's bro... Rob is still in hospital in a lot of pain, but is well enough to joke a bit, his neck brace has been removed, and luckily he has full mobility! (which is always a big relief with spinal injuries!). I hope that the doc's prognosis is positive Rob, and that the pain fades away quickly and you get back up on your feet soon. Healing vibes are coming at you from Scotland, and no doubt by banshee riders from around the world!

Further update from Keith...

Rob is undergoing back surgery tomorrow to reinforce things and drain blood away from broken ribs... the Surgeon says he should expect a full and fast recovery after surgery. Our thoughts are with you Rob, we all know any surgery is scary, but I know you'll pull through with flying colours and bounce back.