Sunday, July 25, 2010


Team Banshee Australia racer Ben Power took another calculating and convincing win in round 3 of the Queensland State Sunshine Series at Toowoomba yesterday aboard his Legend MKII missile. Having his first race after securing the Colorado State Under 19 male Downhill Championship a month ago whilst on holidays in the USA, Ben had an ordinary lead up to the event by managing to crash heavily during practice injuring his forearm.

Qualifying was not without it's dramas due to the 'officials' failing to rank Ben in the No. 1 or 2 spot as the joint series leader. Worse still, they ranked him 2nd last for qualifying meaning he had several slow riders in front to contend with but this only 'fired' him up more and he went onto qualify first with a 5 second margin to the second qualifier (the other joint series leader!).

On a track that was incredibly dry, dusty, loose and unpredictable Ben decided to let it all hang out and pushed the Legend to his limits to secure the win by a commanding 6 seconds and take the overall lead in Under 19 male with one race to run and wind up the series. The Legend continues to attract a lot of attention at races and with the results being attained it is only a matter of time before these 'racers' become the norm rather than the exception at major events. Keep up the great work Keith & Jay, in Ben's words - the Legend is a bullet.