Monday, July 5, 2010

Its been awhile

Awhile since I posted anything on the blog. Sorry for that but this season has really hit us. I guess riders are really digging what we’ve been doing and now i’m trying to keep up… its all good and its great to see people having a blast on the stuff.

I did get a few days off which I can’t say was too cool. I hit a truck on my motorcycle that IMAG0164decided to do a U –turn infront of me and spent a few days in hospital … after a 16meter skid to scrub off the 90k I was going - i figure I hit him doing about 50k. Its quite strange in that it’s so similar to a mountain bike crash where everything slows down and you know that if your bike could just brake a little faster you wouldn’t be sliding head first into that tree [truck]. hahaha.

I figure a broken hand, torn up right knee with nerve damage, and a torn tricep muscle was a small price to pay considering it could have been much worse. I got lucky I guess and my experience riding bikes I think really helps on the road to.

Unfortunately I will miss racing in Malaysia but I have 2 weeks to get my camera button pressing finger back in action so at least i can pretend to be media. Its going to be a lot of fun either way because Gig and gang are coming from Thailand, Nick, Rizal and the whole Fakawi Tribe will be there and Darren and Ryan from Barspin in Australia are flying up to race.

Its probably also going to be bloody hot and with the bugs… could be uncomfortable but hey they have Deet 90 bug spray… i didn’t even know that stuff existed and its probably highly illegal in Canada but the stuff works so well. I guess you gotta pick your poison… get the Dengue fever or glow in the dark at night from the Deet 90 coursing through you.

What i am most looking forward to is going back to eat curry off a banana leaf with my hands… it was sooooo good.DSCN1639

Second trip lined up for the year will be Eurobike. If you will be attending or can make it for the consumer day, definitely come by and see us. We’ll have the crew there… rob, keith and me.

This is also a favorite trip too… the beer, the breads, and meats sooooo good. I know Rob will leave happy… he’s very fond of the german sausage.

I’ve been living in Taiwan since October and while I have to forgo somethings from home, one of those things i DONT need to forgo is being able to watch the Tour de France. Happily surfing through the channels I stumbled upon the tour at the 36km left to go mark, and now i get to watch every stage. Just because we do mountain bikes doesn’t mean we don’t love everything cycling and behind every good mountain biker is a guy whose out training on the road… I know I’ve personally clocked in 1000s of miles, done a few centuries, and had some memorable times on my road bike.

Anyway gotta run… back to making bikes for you guys!