Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Paradox V2

The tried and tested Banshee Paradox is seeing some significant updates and improvements for 2012 with the release of the Paradox V2 to further improve the ride.

Have a look at this info sheet for a quick run through the main changes.

Most of the geometry remains the same, with the 16.9" chainstays for a fun lively feel, and low BB for superior cornering control. The head angle has been made slightly slacker for better high speed stability and confidence on steep descents, and combined with a new tapered head tube for greater fork compatibility.

Increased tire clearance at the chainstay is achieved by a new 1 piece forging which increased tire clearance at this location, improves lateral frame stiffness, and also allows for greater vertical compliance for vibration absorption when combined with the shock stop chainstay.

The high direct mount front derailleur improves derailleur tire clearance. The ISCG 05 mounts allow you to run any chainguide combo you wish. The 30.9mm seat post is compatible with all popular adjustable seat posts, and there are cable guides under the top tube for a seat post remote lever.

The new tapered head tube has a 1 1/8" zero stack top interface (44.0mm) and 1.5" traditional bottom interface (49.6mm) to make the frame compatible with all straight and tapered fork steerers. The zero stack top cup also allows the rider to lower the handle bar height further if desired regardless of what fork steerer is being used.

The Paradox V2 is a no nonsense 29er hardtail that is designed to put a massive grin on your face. If you don't believe me, then try and get a test ride to see just what this frame is capable of!

Monday, July 4, 2011

Banshee Rune, Rampant, and Spitfire info

Although this is PDF is specifically for the Rune, the information is identical for Spitfire and rampant also since the pivots are the same and require same maintenance and care.

Banshee Rune info

Legend MkII info sheet


Thursday, June 23, 2011

New Banshee Dealer in Whistler - Summit Sports

I'm very happy to say, that my favourite Whistler bike shop Summit Sports has just become an official Banshee dealer, and even have some Banshee rental bikes for you to try out either in the bike park, or on the amazing local all mountain trails. So if you're in town, go and check them out, they are the best Whistler bike shop (in my personal opinion), have friendly knowledgeable staff, and really near the gondola!

Also, if you are looking for a new hanger or something, they have spares for all our bikes, so it is nice for you guys to know where to go if you need anything.

The 17th Asian Mountainbike Championships, 2011, in Suzhou

Team Fakawi Banshee rider Adam putting the Legend mkII through its paces at the 2011 (UCI) Asian Continental MTB (DH) Championships at Suzhou, China.

Race results: CyclingNews.com

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Freakin Bike Checks!

Check out my new bikes for the season!

Banshee Rampant!


Banshee Legend!


Push Pedal Crank

Hey Banshee lovers, not the norm for us but still an grand journey. I am currently on the most epic adventure of my life so far right now, following the Tour Divide as riders go from Banff Canada to Mexico. If you look closely you might even see a spy shot of a Banshee Bike. Enjoy!

Push Pedal Crank

Devon Balet

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Lorien from Sooke Mountain Cycle hits the trails

Lorien Arnold from Sooke Mountain Cycle putting his Legend through its paces at Broom Hill on Vancouver Island, BC.

Monday, June 20, 2011

#2 Round of the Danish DH cup

#2 Round of the Danish DH cup

Sebastian Jensen prejumping the last drop.

The second round of the Danish DH cup was held at a new venue in Randers this past weekend. The forecast for the weekend said rain, rain and rain and so it was. The track was not that difficult, there was a couple of turn and a bunch of jumps and drops. Nevertheless it was a bunch of fun to ride. Compared to other danish courses it was good since they only had a couple of months to build it. Props to the builders!

Kasper Nancke pinning it.

Saturday practice:

Both Kasper and myself were on new bikes. Kaspers last parts arrived before the race so he could build up his new Last Herb DH. My old bike was stolen, a couple of days before the race. So Bo and I build up my new bike friday night just in the for the race. I would like to give at big shout out to the people who made it happen!

Practice went well and we got our bikes dialed in for the race on Sunday. We were trying out some funky lines in practice and having a lost of fun. Both Bo and I opted for the Maxxis EXO´s again for a fast and lighter rolling bike.

Bo trying out a offcamber line in practice.

Sunday practice and racing:

Sunday started out fairly chilled with a couple of runs to dial in some lines and get a feeling of the bike.

Bo was up first to race since he hadn´t ridden the first DH cup. Bo´s first run went well until he crashed in the middle section. He picked it up again and ended up posting a 50,7. For his second run Bo wanted to get down without crashing and came in 6 seconds faster, which he was fairly happy with.

Next up was Kasper. He was feeling comfortable on his new Last. Kasper posted a 44,550 for his first run and went into the hot seat. Second run was good but .5 of a second slower but was good enough for a 2nd place and his first podium of the year.

Since I won the first round I was seeded first and therefore the last to pin it down the hill. My first run went good with no real mistakes and I came down in 42.13 which I was happy with. My last run was almost the exact the same only .35 slower which gave me the two fastest times of the day over 5 seconds faster than 2nd place. 1. and 2. for 222Racing was pretty good and were looking forward to doing the same at the next round.

Kasper Nancke - Sebastian Jensen - Mike Thisted - Mathias Lystbæk - Mikkel Groth

Thanks to Simon Nejst and Lars Mortensen for the pictures.

- Sebastian Jensen, 222Racing

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Colorado young guns havin' fun.

Some Colorado local boys are enjoying finishing high school by going on a two week road trip. Check out their video here and be sure to look for more to come!

SKS - Slopestyle

Hi from Dennis Hoppe!

Last weekend the SKS-Slopestyle has taken place @ Winterberg, Germany as part of the Dirtmaster Festival 2011. Below you find some pics of me riding my Rampant during competition on the rebuilt course, that was extended this year with some new wooden obstacles. The Rampant makes it a lot easier to compensate the hard landings while still having the handling of a hardtail. 1st choice.

Since the slopestyle-track is located in a dip, it's easy for the people to view the ongoing action.

As every year some friends and myself rented a vacational home near the festival . Short ways for lot's of fun, party & action during the festival days.

Impressions from last year...


The Festival consist of slopestyle, 4x, Downhill, Enduro Ride and an expo-area.


Here you have the view from the middle of the 4x straight to the slopestyle course.

Since the wind was blowing during my runs I did it the safe and not risked to much, so I ended up 27th, pro class, from finally listed 45 and total over 80 starters.

Overall it was a great & long weekend

Greetz from Germany

Dennis Hoppe

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Dirtmasters Festival / iXS GDC #1 - Winterberg

The Dirtmasters Festival in Winterberg is often referred to as the European version of the legendary Crankworx-Festival. And despite the fact that Winterberg is much smaller than good old Whistler, the comparison is fairly accurate actually. The Dirtmasters Festival consists of several competitions, ranging from speed-disciplines such as Fourcross and Downhill to style-oriented disciplines like the Slopestyle event. And just like in Whistler, tons of companies show up to show their latest and greatest products, tons of people show up to watch the bike action and get drunk, tons of riders show up to compete against each other... the list goes on and on!

Welcome to Winterberg!

My brother Joz and I arrived in Winterberg on Wednesday in order to set up our tent and get a few runs in on the Downhill track before the masses would arrive. Our plan was to compete in the first round of the iXS German Downhill cup, which was actually completely sold out within a few hours. In addition to that, we were obviously looking forward to watching all the other competitions, hang out with our friends, walk across the exhibition area and enjoy the weekend.

On Thursday, the iXS Rookie Downhill Cup took place on one of the well-known tracks in Winterberg. Although called Rookie Cup, the level of riding was far from "Rookie" and a lot of the spectators were blown away by the level of riding. In addition to watching the race, we also managed to walk the track for the upcoming downhill race which looked like a ton of fun, despite being fairly short.

The atmosphere was great as usual.

The track started with a good-sized jump followed by a fairly flat, pedalling-section before entering the woods. All the wooded sections were really fast and constantly changed due to a constant stream of riders on track. The entire course was flowing very well. It certainly wasn't the most difficult or longest track ever but this actually meant that racing on the track would be quite challenging. One mistake and your race run was pretty much over since times were extremely close.

Practice on the track was a ton of fun. Waiting in line to get back up the mountain... well, not as much fun as riding. But this is what happens when more than 500 people decide to practice and race on a course that is just a little over 1.5km in length. Except for waiting in line, the practice sessions on Friday and Saturday were great and both Joz and I felt really comfortable on track.

Having fun on the track! / credit: www.traildiaries.de

On his last run before qualifyers, Joz somehow managed to snap the damper unit of his fork in half. Luckily the guys at Sram fixed his fork for free but he had to ride his qualifying run on a borrowed fork that he'd never ridden before, so he had to ride very conservatively. Despite that, he managed to qualify in 24th position with a 2:06. My qualifier went well and I didn't make any major mistakes but for some reason my time wasn't very good. I qualified in 75th position out of around 150 people with a 2:15. I was fairly happy with my position but at the same time, I knew that I was a bit off my own pace so I was looking to improve my time come race day.

On Saturday night, we watched the SKS Slopestyle where some of the best riders in the world threw down some amazing tricks, including double backflips, triple tailwhips, 360 double whips and so on. Personally slopestyle or dirt jumping isn't exactly my cup of tea but I was absolutely blown away by the level of riding. Thousands of spectators were standing along the course and made for a great atmosphere. In the end, Martin Soderstrom took the win in a convincing manner.

The slopestyle was amazing to watch!

Come Sunday, I was well-prepared to give it all that I could in my race run. I felt great right before the start but for some reason messed up one of the first corners, almost sliding out. Apart from that, everything was going very well and I was riding notably quicker than in the qualifiers. With the finish line almost in sight, my bike slid out underneath me and before I knew what was happening, I hit the ground. I managed to get back on my bike but once again my race run was pretty much over. I crossed the finish line with a 2:19 way back in 96th place. Without crashing, I most likely would have gotten a Top 50 result out of 150 riders so I wasn't too devastated.

Joz rode very well in his finals run but made a few little mistakes that cost him some valuable time, especially on a track this short. He wasn't too happy with his race run but finished with a 2:05 which was good enough for 23rd position. He was less than 1.5 seconds off a top 10 finish which once again proves how close and competetive the racing was.

After our race runs, we headed up the mountain again to watch the pros take on the course. Unfortunately the race was delayed for close to an hour due to a fellow racer crashing extremely hard in the fastest and rockiest section of the course. Get well soon! In the end, German downhill legend Marcus Klausmann took the win ahead of Andi Sieber and US ripper Logan Binggeli.

Joz on his way to 23rd place out of 150 riders / credit: www.traildiaries.de

Looking back at it now, the weekend really couldn't have gone any better. The racing was a lot of fun as was watching all the other events, the atmosphere was great with thousands of spectators, a lot of friends showed up to support us and while not exactly as well-known as Crankworx, the Dirtmasters Festival once again proved that it's most definitely worth visiting.

Cheers from Germany,
-Moritz Zimmermann

Friday, June 17, 2011

Canada Cup - Mont Tremblant

Last week I got back from the first Canada Cup race at Mont-Tremblant in Quebec. It was my first time racing outside of BC and my first time being on a plane, so it was quite an exciting trip.

I arrived in Montreal on Wednesday and went directly to the mountain where I was staying with the Cycling BC downhill team in one of the two condos they had.

Thursday the team went for a track walk to check out the course. It was quite a change from riding on the Sunshine Coast, there were a lot of rocks, fast rock faces and huge boulder rock gardens.

The first day of practice was Friday. It took a few runs of the course to get the feel of it and than it was super fun from then on.

On Saturday I slipped off the back of my bike and stretched/smashed my foot on some rocks. It was my first run of the day which really sucked, so I had to sit the rest of the day out with my foot up and iced.

The 2011 Cycling BC downhill team.

I was able to ride on Sunday, with a little bit of pain. I got in four rides in before my race run, which is more than I usually do, but with missing Saturdays practice I was scrambling to get my lines and get up to speed.

I ended up taking a bit of a crash in my race run. I went over the bars and got a little tangled up and out of the tape in one of the rock gardens. Besides my crash I had a pretty good run. I ended up 7th in junior, which wasn't exactly what I wanted but it was okay considering my circumstances.

I have a few more weeks left of school and then I have a BC Cup and then I'm headed back to Quebec for Canada Cup #2 at Bromont.

Thanks to Dave Hord for the photos.




Thursday, June 16, 2011

Jump Ship - Pictures

Greg at Straitline emailed me a bunch of pictures from Jump Ship. I went through them and pick out my favorites.

Flair from the small quarter to the step down landing.

540 from the small quarter to the landing of the step down.

Back flip tail whip in my final run.

Extended no foot can can.

Superman ...

I will be pretty busy until the start of Camp of Champions. I have my sister's wedding, some filming and the Claymore Challenge. Then I get to drive me and my bikes north to Whistler for Camp of Champions and Crankworx, I hope to see you all there.


Bike of the Week

In this new weekly feature, we'll be showing off some of the best looking Banshee bikes out there. We're not just looking for the most expensive build or pimpest parts spec, its all about doing something unique & truly eye-catching with your bike. So whatever Banshee you ride, whether that's a single speed Amp or a tricked-out Legend, send in your photos & show the world what you're riding.

If you want to be considered for Bike of the Week, please email your photos & a description of you & your bike to: info@bansheebikes.com
Photos should be re-sized to a maximum width/height of 1000px & your email should be no larger than 1mb. Crashing our inbox will get you instantly disqualified!

This week's winner is Braeden Hitchcock from Vancouver, BC & this is his fully colour coordinated Rune...

Think you can do better? You know what to do!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Banshee Factory Team rip up Austria

Adam and Matej were in Leogand for round 3 of the World Cup DH, and Adam decided it would be rude to go there without riding one of his favourite DH courses, the infamous Schladming, with his mate Scott Mears. Then Matej shows us the way down Leogang on first practice day.

Hold on tight...

Banshee does Austria ( Schladming/Leogang ) from Jacob Gibbins on Vimeo.

Team Banshee Australia - Update

Team Banshee Australia and Banshee Factory supported riders Ben Power, Ryan Hunt and Cody Eichorn have been in training and racing mode for the past couple of months however; continuing rain on the east coast of Australia has created havoc with race programs.

Ben Power attended the Australian Institute of Sport, Canberra along with other members of the Aussie National Junior DH Team last week which was supervised by National DH Coach, Jared Rando assisted by Nathan Rennie. The camp focused on many aspects of training including recovery, diet and race preparation. The weeks activities including several days of timed DH runs on numerous tracks in the area culminated with participation in Round 3 of the NSW/ACT Downhill State Series at Mt Stromlo (venue for 2008 World Cup and 2009 World Champs). The junior team raced up in class with the Elite Men and achieved excellent results on race day. The weather was extremely cold and very windy which made hitting jumps and gaps very interesting!

Ben qualified in 4th position and placed 6th in the final run after having some issues shortly after the start. Cody placed 7th and unfortunately; Ryan had a major mechanical shortly after the start in qualifying and was forced to do a chainless run which tipped him out of the final race. Ben was the 3rd fastest Junior and has not done his chances of final selection to the National Junior DH Team any harm! Ben is now concentrating on training including DH and XC with fellow Junior team member, Brandon Yrttiaho (Yetti/Fox)and contesting remaining rounds of the Queensland and NSW/ACT State Series. Ryan and Cody continue to train hard and will meet up with Ben in Coffs Harbour for the final round of the NSW/ACT series in a few weeks time.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Jump Ship 2011

Just finished up a sushi dinner in downtown Victoria after placing second in the first Jump Ship. With the wind blowing on my final run I was lucky to be able to pull off my run. I 360'd the drop in, did a superman on the first jump and then a backflip-whip. Landed pretty far down the landing and lost most of my speed, 360'd the next jump and then whipped the small quarter.

Have some more filming to do and then I am back home for a couple of days before some more travel.

Check out the Jump Ship coverage on Cheknews, watch until the end for best trick results ...


Jump Ship Update–Semenuk first, Montgomery 2nd, Chubey 3


Pulled off the JumpShip FB page here


Lots of other info and way more pics available of the contest.

Congrats Mike!

Not sure how Matthews or Fogel did yet but we’ll have another post going up soon.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Jumpship June 10th and 11th Victoria BC Canada

jumpship vid courtesy of pinkbike


All the information can be found here:




Banshee has a few of its riders coming in for the contest and Mike Montgomery and Jack Fogelquist will be up from the USA to compete as well.

It should be a pretty cool contest with the helicopter flying around over the harbour and with the government buildings, hotels, and the rest of Victoria as the backdrop.

Pinkbike has even more here now http://www.pinkbike.com/news/Jump-Ship-Course-Build-Photos-and-Video-2011.html

Teva Edit from PSBMX

Thanks to Chris from Plus Size BMX

Monday, June 6, 2011

2011 Banshee steeds

Big thanks to Banshee Bikes , Hayes, Manitou, Sunringle, Geax, Straitline and YESS for all there help , great support and quality products .

Slopestyle/ Jump bike.

Frame -Rampant

Fork -Manitou Circus 100mm

Shock -Manitou Radium

Brakes -Hayes Stroker Trail

Rims -Sun Ringle A.D.D Lite

Hubs -Sun Ringle Jumping flea

Tyres -Geax AKA 2.0

Cranks/BB -Raceface Evolve

Handle bar -Raceface Atlas

Drive train -YESS single speed tensioner

Stem -Straitline 35mm

Pedals -Straitline

DH Bike

Frame -Legend Mk II

Fork -Manitou Dorado

Shock -Manitou Revox

Brakes -Hayes Stroker Ace

Rims -Sun Ringle A.D.D Lite

Hubs -Sun Ringle Jumping flea

Tyres -Geax DHEA 2.35

Cranks/BB -Raceface Atlas FR

Handle bar -Raceface Atlas

Drive train -Sram X0

Stem -Straitline bolt on 50mm

Pedals -Straitline

Matej and Adam rip up Fort William

Both Matej Charvat and Adam Brayton were at Fort William for round 2 of the world cup last weekend. Here is a video of them training down the course on the first practice day...

More Mountain Biking Videos

The weekend didn't go too well for the guys unfortunately. Matej was putting together a great qualifying run (6th at first split and 24th at second), but then crashed towards the end, and catapulted his bike off the course and into a stream... it took him about 1 minute to reach it and get back on course, and as a result he did not qualify. He was gutted as his pace showed that he had real potential to break into the top 20. Adam told me that although he was feeling good in practice, the nerves got to him when it came to the big event, and he had a messy run with too many silly mistakes, because he was tense and trying too hard, he ended up in 48th, so still got some points and with his first world cup of the season under his belt, he can now start to relax and get his flow on.

Both guys have their eyes now firmly set on Leogang where I'm confident that they will show everyone what they can really do.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Mike Montgomery wins Teva games

Congratulations Mike!

Mike Montgomery has won the 2011 Teva Games slopestyle in convincing style. His final run included a big 720 along with a dialed run to seal the deal. When video is available we will be posting it.

Honourable mentions also have to go to banshee riders Paul Genovese (7th) and Jack Fogelquist (9th)... great work guys!

Paul Bas went down pretty hard on a double backflip by all accounts. We hope he isn't too badly hurt and makes a speedy recovery.

So young... so wise

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Team Geronimo's May Race Update

We've been busy! During the month of May we travelled all over the world and competed in several major downhill and 4X events. Cruise on over to our website to catch up with with team through our latest race report and photo galleries.

Photo by Matt Delorme

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Sicklines interview about the Legend MkII

Jason from Sicklines interviewed me about the Legend and its development last summer in Whistler whilst he was there testing the bike. He just posted it up as the 2011 season is kicking off!

Check out the article and video here...

Monday, May 30, 2011

Banshee Riders on the Camp of Champs Airbag

Camp of Champions had their airbag set-up in Whistler this weekend. Banshee rider Alan Hepburn was on hand with some tips for the kids & some tricks for the cameras. Thanks to Ken from Camp of Champs for the video.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

iXS European Downhill Cup #2 - Todtnau

For the first time since 2005, Germany's most prestigious and, as many claim, best downhill track (finally!) Todtnau returned to the international racing scene by hosting the second round of the European Downhill Cup. I wasn't quite sure what to expect of this race. The only races I've been to in the past were some smaller, local races and the iXS Dirtmasters race in Winterberg as well as the Wheels of Speed-Race in Willingen which arguably are two very unique races. And even though I've been to Todtnau several times in the past months - it's got to be my favourite DH track on this side of the Atlantic Ocean -, I was quite nervous on our way down to Todtnau.

Welcome to Todtnau!

My brother Joz and I loaded up the car and took off early Wednesday morning to get a few more practice runs in before the racers from all over the world arrived. The track was in prime condition and was extremely fun to ride as usual. The course starts with a smallish drop leading into a rather technical corner before you hit the first high speed section which is littered with some good-sized jumps and road gaps. This section is followed by the first pedalling bit and a very rooty section. Then you're off into a very high speed, rough section with some berms and jumps before entering a very long and flowy section through the woods which is quite technical in some places and extremely fun to ride. Usually the track ends here but the race organizers decided to add a grassy, off camber-section after leaving the woods, which lead right into a brutal, slightly uphill pedal-fest before crossing the finish line. In total, the track is close to 3km long and very difficult to ride. On the one hand it's very fast and rough in most places but there also are some very exhausting pedalling bits. Therefore one could easily mess up his race run by pedalling too hard and then not being able to control the bike through the technical bits and vice-versa.

Practice on Friday went surprisingly well and trouble-free. The pace was great and we managed to hit some lines that we hadn't even seen before. You could definitely tell that everyone was taking it quite easy since nobody wanted to be too exhausted for their race run come Sunday. After practice was done, we hiked up again to watch the Pros practice on course and we were definitely blown away by some of the riding... definitely very inspirational. We also met Banshee World Cup rider Matej Charvat and talked to him for a while. He was looking great on track and proved to be very nice and easy to get along with off the track.

Prepping the Legends...

Come Saturday, we got up early to get our two mandatory practice runs in. Again, everything was going very well. Our Legends felt right at home in the rough stuff and both Joz and I were really comfortable with the track. We decided to take a closer look at two or three sections to discuss our line choices for our upcoming seeding run but apart from that, everything was quite dialled. After a healthy lunch, we went back up again to do our seeding run. I had a minor little crash in the very first turn which cost me a bit of time and I also decided to walk the uphill bit so I was pleasently surprised to find out that I qualified in 23rd position despite saving a lot of energy. Joz rode very well and qualified in 14th place out of around 65 riders, so both of us were very pleaed with how our seeding runs went.

For some reason though, Sunday simply was one of these days were nothing quite works the way you want it to work. I felt horrible during the morning practice, riding all over the place and not hitting any of my lines. In addition to that, I flatted my rear tire once again and managed to bang up my rear wheel pretty badly so I decided to call it a day and rest until my finals run. Joz was once again feeling great on track and riding very fast yet controlled at the same time, so he was quite confident for his finals run.

Possibly the best berm in the world? / credit: www.traildiaries.de

When I was standing on the start line, I felt surprisingly calm and relaxed, unlike during the morning practice session. Right when I left the start hut, everything was going very well and I was hitting all the lines that I was planning on hitting while riding notably faster than during my qualifier. I also managed to hit some lines that I hadn't attempted before so everything was going great until I went down in what was propably the easiest turn on the entire track. My front tire must have washed out underneath me or something like that - I didn't even have time to react so I went down into the ground with my head first. My visor was broken so I couldn't see anything for the first few seconds and I had to run up the hill to grab my bike. Luckily my helmet and neck brace absorbed most of the impact. I was lucky that I was able to get back on my bike again but obviously I knew that my race run was pretty much over. In the end I was quite surprised to find out that my finals time was just half a second off my qualifier despite the big crash and consequently keeping it rather mellow down the rest of the track, finishing in 31th position. Joz managed to hold it together during his race run and not make any major mistakes. He knocked a couple seconds off his qualifier and finished in 18th place with a 4:38 which he was very happy with.

After our race runs, we loaded up the car and watched the Pros tackle the last bit of the course. Track favourite and local hero Marcus Klausmann, who qualified 6 seconds ahead of everyone and looked visibly faster than the rest of the field managed to rip his rear derailleur off his bike so the race was over for him. In the end, Brook Macdonald took the victory a few seconds ahead of Nick Beer and Joshua Button.

Joz on his way to a great Top-20-finish / credit: www.traildiaries.de

Looking back at the race now a few days later, I'm still pretty bummed about the way my race run went but that's racing I guess. If anything, crashing in my race run should be a motivation to be a bit more focused during my race run in Winterberg next week. All in all, I'm quite happy with how the weekend went though. The riding was great, the course and the entire event was awesome and we got to spend a lot of time with a bunch of friends riding and racing our bikes. I guess you couldn't ask for anything more, right?

We should have a bunch of pictures posted up on www.zimbros.de very soon. In the meantime, our good friends Peter and Rizzo took a bunch of awesome pictures of the race and uploaded them onto www.traildiaries.de, so take a few minutes and check them out.

Cheers from Germany,
-Moritz Zimmermann