Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Banshee Kiara Rage 2010

Pic by Keng Mun

Pic by Jay MacNeil

Teams Banshee Australia, Singapore, Thailand and Malaysia as well as all the regional rippers had a blast at our race last weekend!
Jay was present to give away the Banshee Wildcard to Men's Elite category winner, Aim who won the race in a nail-biting final run in the monsoon rain!

1. Aim Fauzi (ROAM Racing Division) 4:01.027
2. Adam Ahmad Faroze (Fakawi Banshee) 4:03.300
3. Ian Krempl (unsprung Rollick) 4:12.271
4. JR Stanly Jalip (Fakawi Banshee) 4:14.865
5. Pornomo (United Bike Kencana Freeride Junkie Clothing) 4:18.012

more pics and results here BANSHEE KIARA RAGE 2010!

Jay got to satisfy his craving for local curry dishes in the end...