Thursday, July 29, 2010

Crankworx Colorado Course

It rained all night last night, making for quite a muddy mountain this morning.  Qualifiers got postponed to tomorrow, so we took it easy today, rippin the luge track and watching X-Games.  We got some sun, and once things started drying out we grabbed our bikes to get a little practice in.  As soon as we got out the door of the hotel to cruise to the course, it started pouring!

I snapped a few shots of the course if you haven’t seen it.

p4pb5414281[1] p4pb5414283[1]

p4pb5414286[1] p4pb5414287[1]


I got my new 2010 Banshee Rampant all built up and dialed in as well, with new X-Fusion suspension and Geax tires!  Got to test it out in practice yesterday and it’s amazing!  Slope machine!



We’ll see how the weather is tomorrow!

Hope you’re feelin better Rob!