Monday, July 19, 2010

Broke Back Mountain part deux (nette)

I heard that Rob was out filming for Broke Back mountain 2 when he had his mishap.
Now that i figure Rob will be ok, I can make fun of him!
We're a pretty sorry lot I suppose. Me with a busted up body after slamming into a truck on my motorcycle, half the Team Geronimo guys down with various injuries, and now Rob laying in a bed enjoying sponge baths by hairy man nurses -former retrained forestry workers with large rough hands- and tasting the finest the BC Medical system offers in culinary delights... such as ice in a cup, wet toast with hardboiled egg, warm apple juice, and for desert orange jello... the flavor that no one wants.

The latest is he's having bone removed from his hip and put into his back to strengthen it up and docs say he will be back filming in no time. His bruised uterus is also healing up nice.

I'm also hoping that he reads this and has a good laugh with broken ribs.

Heal up buddy!