Tuesday, August 31, 2010

the LEGENDary Strahan Loken

I say a lot of bad things behind Strahan’s back. I say even worse things to his face. Most of them are facts and a lot of it is just made up to make myself feel better.

One fact is that the Legend makes him look really fast.

Keep Riding.

Rob Dunnet

Monday, August 30, 2010

Wam Bam Jump Jam Edit

Hey there.
My brother (Nic Genovese)and friend Dylan Siggers just finished the edit for the recent competition we had in Fernie.

Paul Genovese

29er Full Suspension Sneak Peek...

Here are some sneak peeks as to what the future Banshee full suspension 29er is potentially going to look like. The as yet un-named bike (well it was named, but the name was then used by another manufacturer), will be a 130mm travel 29er designed for the new generation 29er rider. Gone are the super steep angles and awkward geometry, in comes a slacker more flickable and confidence inspiring geometry combined with a brand new highly efficient full suspension platform, optimised for 29er gearing ratios, running on fully sealed bearing and grade 5 titanium axles. The geometry is adjustable and dropouts are interchangeable between 135x10 and 150x12 options, plus it will be 30.9mm seat tube and there will be cable guides for remote, and a full 1.5" head tube. There will be ample tire clearance for 29x2.5" tires and it can cope with up to 160mm forks (once readily avaliable) although is really focused on 120-140mm forks.

So I'm about to head off to Euro Bike in Germany, but had promised to post up some info before I went... don't worry there will be a lot more (further images from other angles, geometry, tech info etc... oh and yes there will be a hanger!) to follow in the next month. This is just a sneak peek to satisfy some curiosities out there, and to get some early feedback on the overall design before geometry and details are put out there for feedback.

Lower / Slacker Setting:

Higher / Steeper Setting:

If you are a 29er fan, then please let me know what you think at this early stage. I'm always interested to hear feedback and opinions.


Esher X

Esher Shore Bike Park had a great send-off today, with over 40 riders sessioning the park on its final day of operations

Of course we were never going to let the site lie dormant, 3.5 acres of woodland only 20 minutes from London is like gold dust, and well..I want somewhere cool to ride my Mythic Rampant!!!

We just need to create a brand new facility to suit the change in riding trends

Its early days, and a concept, or idea if you like...at the moment

But we are working hard behind the scenes to bring this idea into concrete reality - a massive 4X and dual slalom complex with pro lines featuring big jumps and stunts, and of course the legendary Esher Pump Track which is already being rebuilt with new lines to double its size

Not giving a timescale, because this is a massive undertaking involving 1000s of tonnes of dirt and heavy plant (JCB's) and lots of manpower, but we are moving forward with "Esher X"

more info here:



Sunday, August 29, 2010


The third and final round of K.O.B race series was held last weekend at
Black hill.
Dave Hetherington, riding his Banshee Legend won and in doing so took out
the series.



Saturday, August 28, 2010

Lone Wolf Productons has Pinkbike Article

www.lonewolfproductions.ca has another article up on the pinkbike home page featuring a new video with Dylan Sherrard/myself (Matt Brooks). I feel like we are becoming regulars on there now. So far the article is getting great comments and tons a views; over 10,000 on the first day! Below is a link to the article which has some extra photos from Florian Feise, and Adam Stein. Don't forget to visit the site www.lonewolfproductions.ca, our facebook fan page , and our twitter to see more pics, videos, and blog posts.


Frame Shot

Great shot from Freeborn Horsham of some frames in stock, being "stock checked" by one of our very able assistants

Mythic Spitfire frames, ready to go!!

Doesn't it give you a warm feeling, to receive a Mythic frame that has been personally checked, by this "competent mechanic" ;)

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Big Mountain riding after the Canadian Nationals

This year the Canadian Nationals was held in Invermere B.C. the race did not go super well for me, with two crashes in my race run. However there is an amazing place for some big mountain riding across the valley, and several of us headed up the next day after racing. After a huge shuttle, two hours of shoveling snow (with 7 people) and a large hike we were into it.
check out this go pro video of the day. The Legend was killing it up there, going fast, going big and pinning some tech lines.

check it out!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Team Geronimo Banshee

Team Geronimo Banshee has been making more than an impact. At our debut event, The Sea Otter Classic, the team was turning heads all over Monterey. Now we are continuing to make an impact with a large stack of podium wins and even showing up all over the industry. Here is Graeme Pitts shredding his race run at the US UCI National Championships in Sol Vista Colorado, photo snipped by myself, Devon Balet. Kali Protectives, Team Geronimo's official helmet sponsor, liked this image so much they will be running a full page ad in nov/dec Decline Magazine.

Just remember it is all about the bike, and that is why we ride a Banshee. Keep riding!

Aeron Learmonth Fun Line

Coming to the end of summer, and I am having a blast making new videos and riding old jumps. Here is a short edit i put together.

Aeron Learmonth Fun Line

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Wam Bam Jump Jam

Hey there. Paul reporting in!
Last saturday was the Wam Bam Jump jamp in fernie! it was a blast and there was some sick throwdowns.
I rode my amp and ended up tieing for third. I also stuck my first ever 720 in competiton!
I am super pumped on the turn out and its gonna be even more rad next year.

Paul Genovese

Monday, August 23, 2010

Wildcard strikes again

Two weeks ago I got a frantic call from Chad Hendren, who is the marketing manager for my new helmet sponsor, Bern. He needed some shots for their 2011 catalogue and a print add stat, so into the hills above Squamish we went. We have been building in an area we have dubbed ‘the burn’ due to a recent forest fire which ripped through, so it was a great place to shoot an add for Bern. We headed to a new hip, which featured a really steep dirt jump style lip, with a chunder-ful (new word) run in, and a tight right hand catch berm, that you needed to nail right before the lip. After we found a water/fire retardant mixture to pack in the lip, myself and fellow Bern rider Andrew Teit sessioned it until sunset. My Wildcard loved the tech run in and steep jump face and was begging for more...

Here is an iphone preview, taken by professional iphone photographer Chad Hendren. I wish i could post up the 7d photos from the session, actually i really wish i could post up the photos on my Legend wearing the prototype full face...

Bike check

Rolling home after the Full Tilt in Telluride race last night I got to thinking about how crazy the past few weeks have been. Then I realized that those weeks have actually been months, the time flies when all you do is ride, work on bikes and go to races. I mean, that's what I do, live the dream. So my latest installment of the dream is my new Banshee Spitfire, which after a few months of drooling on, is finally rolling.

photo by Devon Balet

Here's the build, it might look suspicious: WTB Weirwolf tyres mounted on Spank Tweet Tweet rims, laced with butted spokes and multi colored alloy nipples. Front hub is a Hope pro 2, rear hub is a DMR which is sweet. It's sporting an ano pink SRAM X-0 rear derailur and shifter, a set of MRP Camber cranks mated with an MRP mini G guide and a 35 tooth MRP ring. The handlebars are Spank Tweet Tweet, and so is the stem and spacer set. The headset came together from what I could get my filthy hands on, the top being a zs-3 from Cane Creek and the bottom being an FSA zero stack 1.5, which I saw fitting seeing as the fork is an old Manitou Nixon a buddy sold me for $30. The brakes are Clark's 160mm hydro's I had bought early in the season. Pink Lizard Skin grips, I don't remember who made the innertubes. Oh, and some Trick Topz blue ano valve caps. The chain is a SRAM PC-951, and a SRAM 11-34 tooth cassette. I used a Clark's cable set for the derailur cable, wich is high quality and, well, pink. A Fox RP23 holds up the rear end. Okay, I think that's everything.

I built it all up last Thursday, then left at three in the afternoon for Telluride, were Banshee deadbros were heading to the Mountain States Cup races. Nick came over to pick me up, we loaded up with my new Spitfire and his Legend MK2 hanging off the back of his new-to-him dodge truck on a twenty dollar bike rack. After a long trip (I'll tell ya'll 'bout it later) I unloaded the bike and started riding some wheelies in the campsite. It felt good, and I could tell that I was ready for a little rear suspension after three years of hardtail training. In the morning, I got my first test ride on a trail called Big Billie's. I started out on a good descent after mistakingly poaching the golf course, where I found out how deep those sand traps really are. I was feeling like a kid even more than usual speeding down the singletrack, the suspension working perfectly. After reaching town, I took the free gondola back up to the town of Mountain Village (how original), got my lift ticket for the weekend, and went up to see the super-d course. The course didn't have many jumps, but had a great test of cornering in store. The bike handles like a Ferrari crossbred with a bullet train, wild and fast but predictable, inspiring trust and confidence. Devon and I took a few laps on the course while Nick and Curt practiced the dh, and in no time my new blue steed was tuned perfectly.

photo by Devon Balet

The next day I assisted Devon shooting the xc course, so at eight in the morning, we took the first chair up and scared the crap out of the course officials by tearing the wrong way on course. We'd tell them it was alright and we were supposed to be there, then their eyes would go straight to my bike and they'd forget what they were going to say and we'd pedal on. With a little flip of the lever on my shock, this bike climbs amazingly. Seriously, better than my hardtails (sorry Paradox, I still love you) and I was blown away. The suspension seems to put the traction just slightly forward on the rear wheel when I roll over a root or ledge, clawing up and over obstacles like a sporty tank.

Ok, so all I can really say is YOU NEED TO RIDE THIS BIKE! You'll like it, I promise. BA-GAK!!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Rehab Part 2

Watching TV, reading books, surfing the net, answer emails and browsing Decline magazines will only starve off insanity for so long. I tried fishing from the end of the dock a couple of days this week. The view is amazing but fishing from the end of a dock is not too much fun. I caught a couple of bass and then decided to work on my long cast. Basically I see how far I can cast my hook away from the dock with no real intention to reel in the big fish. Every once and a while I still manage to get a bite and then reel in the monster bass.



I then came up with the answer to my problems, it started out with a question: “What is more fun than guns?” Sure biking, working out, cliff jumping and fornicating are a lot more fun. But with a broken back I can only manage one of these things. So I went to search for the family pellet guns. My mom was totally against this, but after asking her a single question I had narrowed the location of the guns down to two locations. I found the guns, the only problem was the bag will the assortment of bullets in it was too heavy for me to lift. Damn broken back foiled me again. My dad got home and actually was into the pellet gun shoot off idea so we set up a range in the garden.


We started out with cans but got bored of that pretty quick. We are not shooting at playing cards nailed to a big sheet of plywood. Tomorrow I plan on finding something smaller and finding something more powerful than my pellet gun.


Adult supervision is required when handling a fire arm. If you are not an adult make sure a responsible adult is present while shooting. Since my father and I do not qualify as responsible my mom was there to make sure we did not start hunting each other.


And if you are injured do what ever you can to have fun and stay sane.

Note: no fish were harmed today, if I manage to catch bigger ones tomorrow we will eat them, they are delicious.

Keep Riding.

Rob Dunnet

An Amazing Summer to Say the Least!

I just got back a few days ago from close to two months spent road tripping around with some awesome people!  In a nutshell, it started at Camp of Champions, where I got to spend each day riding with and teaching rad kids who are super stoked to ride.  Howey, Wyper, and I made the trip to Colorado for Crankworx and I ended up with 6th place!  We made the journey back to Whistler for a week of shredding, and then Crankworx started.  I got 9th place there, so I’m super stoked to get top 10s in both Crankworxs.  I made tons of new friends and got to ride so much that I don’t think the summer could have gone any better.  Anyway, I collected random GoPro clips through the trip and put them together into this video.  Enjoy!



Friday, August 20, 2010

Jack Fogel … who? BOOM!!!

It has been amazing to watch Jack progress … the future is bright …


Keep it up.

Keep Riding.

Rob Dunnet

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Fogels bag o'tricks!

Hey Rob, this might help you feel like you are almost back on a bike (with sudden increase in skills!!). I posted this for you half for that reason, and half because I know how much you love it when a Fogel post comes after one of yours!! haha


Damn Jack you have a lot of tricks! very impressive mate!


A couple of weeks ago I got a package in the mail that was too heavy for me to lift. I currently have a 5-10 lbs maximum load sticker down my spine. The package was from Banshee family friend Strahan Loken and contained Decline magazines from the past two or three years. IMG_5077

I have to stop watching bike videos and looking at the magazines. If I do not get on a bike soon I am going to go crazy. 


Here is some proof that I am up and walking. There is still some pain in my back, almost like a numbness a lot of the time.


I can not wait until I am ready to get back on a bike. It will be a long three or four months, but thanks to friends like Strahan it should not be so bad.

Thanks to the Harlok boys …

Keep Riding.

Rob Dunnet

Mike CrankWorx POD

Enough Said …


“I love Mike

in a manly way” Ryan DeLong

I think Ryan sums it up for most of us …

Keep Riding

Rob Dunnet

Monday, August 16, 2010

Ben Power & Banshee Legend Win Queensland Series

Ben Power piloted his Banshee Legend MKII into 2nd place in the final round of the Queensland State Downhill Sunshine Series 2010 which was enough to take out overall 1st place. The final race was held at the Kenilworth track located on the Sunshine Coast of Queensland and was in excellent condition albiet very loose in the top section which caused Ben some issues in his race run.

Ben qualified in 1st position with a very comfortable 6 second margin however; come race time and some indecision at a critical time of the race saw Ben relegated to 2nd place by a mere 0.52 seconds. The Legend continues to punch above it's weight and is drawing immense interest from riders attending events in Australia - pity there were not a few more available for sale Downunder!!

Ben now heads off to North Queensland to contest the Queensland Championships in September then further training in preparation of the Australian National Series which commences on 5-7 November at his home track of Illinbah Queensland.

Crankworx Slopestyle

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Go Pro Footage of Mike's 2nd Place Run from Crankworx

What a machine this guy is! Mike I'm in awe! More people were talking about you around the village than anyone else, because you rode the whole event on an amp (hardtail!). Huge props dude!

Hi Five!

Keith Scott

EDIT: Rob here: Poaching Keith's post to add this ...

"Today was a very eventful day for the banshee team. I watched the 2 guys I had full faith in, absolutely destroy the Crank works course.
Jack made it to finals, which is amazing since he was one of the youngest guys out there. He was tail whipping out of the pink dish like a boss! His flips on the first drop were sick aswell.
Mike absolutely blew my mind. He stepped up his game so much this comp and his tricks payed off! He was the second one to tailwhip the massive drop, and with a perfect flip whip and flair on the quarter, his run was perfect! He made it into the super finals with that run and ended up crashing on his final run. But no worries because his previous run was good enough to get him his first podium at CrankWorx!
Mike placed 2nd behind Zink, and it was a great show!

-Paul Genovese"

Saturday, August 14, 2010

MIKE MONTGOMERY 2ND at Crankworx!!!


Just woke up and saw the above on Pinkbike

I'm so happy for Mike... he's been busting his ass all year and really deserves this. I know I can speak for all of Banshee in our congratulations and while the win is super awesome, even if it didn't come we would still be proud of him regardless, he's got nothing to prove to us as he's a classy guy and we're stoked he's riding our bikes.
Also big thanks to Jack, Alan and the rest of our riders this year... you know who you are.
I'll be celebrating in Taiwan... wish I could have been there to see it all go down, but i'm sure Keith gave you a big Man hug when he saw you after the comp!

Also congrats to Cam for the win, and Casey and Sam for stepping up for Canada!! I'm sure the hometeam crowd was loving it.

Healing vibes from the Banshee crew to all the riders that got hurt. This is the one thing that sucks about our sport.
Big props to Berrecloth for continuing to stay on top of his game year after year and still continuing to compete at such a high level... He does all the BC riders proud.

Again Massive congratulations to Mike for his 2nd place finish!

Friday, August 13, 2010

Crankworx Best Trick

Watch for Jack and Mike throwing it down in the Crankworx Best Trick Competition.

Looks like Mike went down pretty hard, I am trying to get a hold of him now to make sure he is good to go.

Keep Riding.

Rob Dunnet

Esher Shore to close September 1st 2010

Esher Shore Bike Park in Surrey, South-East England is set to close on 1st September 2010

the last day for riding is Monday 30th August 2010

rising insurance costs and falling rider attendance means this not-for-profit facility can no longer meet its running costs, and the difficult decision has been made to close the bike park for good!

We've had some great sessions over the 7 years that Esher Shore was open, with hugely popular Summer Jams, and lots of Mythic Screams, Chaparrals and Wildcards given some proper abuse in the bike park from both riders and our staff!

more info here:


Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Ace in Whistler

Hey dudes,

I haven't posted for a bit been, I have pretty busy having way to much fun riding and a little less fun working. This summer has been all time forsure so far, so many new friends and alot of good times. Jack Fogelquist and Iggy Strbac have been staying at my place quite a bit along with a bunch of other homies, their both super rad dudes, maybe the fact that their both on ballin Banshees has something to do with it... I also met Keith when he stopped in at work the other day, Such a sick guy. Been shredding so much getting ready for crankworx and looking for some good results, I know Iggy and Jack are too! Heres a few go pro clips from my favourite trail combo. Upper a-line-pizza cat-crack addict-heart of darkness.

Upper A-line, Ace Hayden from AceHayden on Vimeo.

Untitled from AceHayden on Vimeo.

Recently was at Nationals in Panorama and placed 4th there so thats pretty chill, like top twenty junior in Canada or something like that. Ill post some more soon when I get some newer photos and results!

Ace Hayden

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Paul Genovese in Whistler

Hey there, Paul Genovese here. A few weeks ago Dennis Langenstam and I filmed at the whistler jumps with my brother Nic. He just finished the final little web edit and it turned out Amazing!


Monday, August 9, 2010

Adam Brayton on Raceface

Adam putting his Legend MkII through its paces while showing off his raceface components.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

The North Sannich Free Ride Park

Hey, heres are dirt jump park out in sidney B.C. big thanks for greg at strightline and kyle and andrew for making the park happen and Banshee bikes for there help.

,It was my first edit with the gopro helmet cam, Feel better Rob

Aeron Learmonth - Rampant

Hey, got my new Rampant built up a couple weeks ago, first real session on it. I love it, so fun, nice actually having some weight to ride on, unlike my Amp which is 24lbs! Enjoy.


Saturday, August 7, 2010

Bike Dice

This is a game we decided to play to make some our day interesting. Aaron Larock came along and documented it for us. enjoy.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Goatstyle 2010 - Larock

I am not sure how this gem slipped through my fingers. It may have been the week in hospital and it may have already been posted here. And if it has been posted then you should watch it again.


Banshee family friend Aaron LaRocque put together this edit of the Goatstyle Jam. I am not sure why I did not make the cut, but I could not find me anywhere. Watch it enjoy it, go to pinkbike and favourite it.

Keep Riding

Rob Dunnet

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

North Shore Bike Shop

If this does not make you want a Rampant there is something wrong wit you. If it does not make you want to at least ride your bike you might want to see a doctor. After watching that I am itching to get back on my bike and I just had back surgery. Jay, Keith … can you guys make me a recumbent Rampant with extra back support?


Keep Riding.

Rob Dunnet

Camp of champions - camp D

This is the last week of camp for 2010 and with an awesome group of kids it was a blast. The line ups for the 365 airbag were long every night, they could get enough of it. The Banshee bikes were holding strong after 4 weeks of brutal whistler conditions and gears running smooth thanks to Jeff Young the mechanic and master of bike camp himself. It was sad to see the the compound get torn down but also exciting to think of what the compound will be like next year :). Here's a video of Camp D and its fun times. Get yourself to camp it will be the highlight of your summer guaranteed.

VIDEO: Team Geronimo - The Sol Vista Sessions

Earlier this season, Team Geronimo had the chance to get some filming done at Sol Vista Bike Park. Many thanks to Quinn Maxwell for the edit!

Team Geronimo - The Sol Vista Sessions - More Mountain Bike Videos

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Crankworx Colorado

We went out and scoped the course on the morning of the qualifiers.  It rained hard the previous day, so we were welcomed with a slimy course.  The course builders were hard at work though, and got everything running in no time!


p4pb5436316[1] p4pb5436323[1] p4pb5436322[1]

Soon practice was on, and with an hour and a half before qualifiers, it was time to get lines figured out.  I figured out a solid run, and managed to get it on my first qualifier run!  I ended up qualifying 15th, making it into finals the next day.  We got a bit of rain later that day, and with thunderstorms on the forecast, nobody knew if the finals would happen.  We woke up to some nice sunny weather, and practice was on again!  With some gnarly looking clouds coming over the mountains, finals began and everyone headed up to the top.  I started my run tailwhipping the top drop, but overcleared a bit and overshot the next jump, not making it onto the wallride.  The wind started going crazy for everyone’s 2nd runs, with most people not making it through.  I tried tailwhipping the drop again, but landed a little weird and slid out.  The organizers let everyone redo their 2nd runs when the wind stopped.  About an hour later, we were back at the top ready to drop in.  I ended up getting my run, where I tailwhipped the drop, no-foot-canned the hip, foot-planted the T-Jump, 1-foot x-upped onto the whale tail, tailwhipped off, flipped the last jump, and tailwhipped the quarter.  It felt great making it through, especially after the 2 previous runs.  I ended up in 6th once everyone’s 2nd runs were through, so I’m super pumped on that!



Jack Fogelquist tailwhip during the Crankworx Colorado Slopestyle Final at the Trestle Bike Park in Winterpark Colorado.

I just got one of the Wildcard Invites for Kokanee Crankworx as well, so I’m psyched for that!  Chillin up in Whistler right now, riding and having a good time!


Center of Gravity!

Center of gravity!! One of my favorite events of the summer. You get to hang out with a handle full of chosen bros and hang out and ride bikes right on main beach in Kelowna B.C. Here are a couple shots from a good buddy Sam Dobrin. Many more photos/videos to come.

Monday, August 2, 2010

New Pinkbike Lone Wolf Productions Article

Hello again,

Lone Wolf Productions.ca has a new pinkbike article featuring Garett Buehler up and I invite you all to check it out:


Big thanks to Banshee for their support which allows us to keep this site running!

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Another VOD for Lone Wolf Productions!

Hello Everyone,

lonewolfproductions.ca has yet again got VOD on pinkbike. Our recently completed Garett Buehler section popped up on pinkbike as VOD on the 31st. Check out the section out on our website listed above.

Please feel free to follow us on our twitter and face book account as well: