Monday, July 5, 2010

Alan Hepburn – COC Coach

I had a chance to hang out and ride with Camp of Champions Coach and Team Banshee Rider Alan Hepburn while I was in Whistler last week. From his videos I knew that he could ride dirt jumps, but what I did not know was that he could rip it on the downhill too.


On his Legend he has an aggressive and smooth riding style. He is also good at taking the extra time to explain how it should be done. And will ride a berm or section of trail until everyone gets a chance to see him ride it.


He kills it on the dirt jumps too. A do it all coach that fits in great with the Camp of Champions and Banshee Bikes. Look for him at Whistler with a group of campers trying to keep up with him or getting in one last set of jumps before the sun goes down.

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Keep Riding,

Rob Dunnet