Monday, July 5, 2010

Ace Hayden in Whistler

Summer has been super sick so far, meeting tons of new people and shredding whistler everyday. This weekend coming up I will be at the Canadian National Championships in Invermere at Panorama. Super stoked to head there and ride for a few days as Ive only heard great things about that resort. Looking to get a good result and have a good time with some friends and camp in the parking lot for a couple days! Ill post up some updates if I can poach internet from the lucky ones with hotel rooms! Also going to set up some photoshoots on the mountain with some photographers from around whistler so I look forward to getting that done. Heres a photo of a rock drop onto some more rocks on schleyer that I poached from a photographers site!

So I just recently moved to whistler with my buddies John Rempel and Justin Wyper. So far its super sick but the rain could definitely slow down anytime now, trails are kinda dusty so I dont mind really. Super stoked to progress my riding and send it with my homies. Also got to meet Rob the other day in the lift line for the first time, Nice guy! A tube sponsor would be sick cause $16 dollar 10 pound tubes might be the death of me...

Heres a photo of me that I poached from some dudes site, this is just after I ate shit first run of the day and sent my bike 40 feet into the woods off a berm... i blame the swamp things on hard packed trails with slime on top.

Ace Hayden