Monday, December 28, 2009

Fogelsode #8: Merry Christmas!

Fogelsode #8 is up!  This week has been kind of slow, with lots of building and hanging out with the family.  Matt and I got a chance to go out and ride the step-up for a day though!  It was just an average sesh, so I wanted to do something new.  I remembered making a hip landing off to the right, two years ago when the jump was much smaller.  Since then, the lip is taller, further back, and there is a trail that goes between the straight landing and the hillside.  In order to hip it now, you would have to go much faster and clear over the trail to make it to the hillside.  I gave it a shot and it ended up working out!  With the sun beginning to set, I wanted to try some tricks on it.  I went for a topside-whip, but spun it way too fast and somehow landed backwards!  I’ve been wanting to hip-flip a jump for a while now, and figured this one would be good.  It took a few tries but I ended up sticking it and riding out clean!  Matt was getting in some sick shoulder buzzes and big 360s too!  Overall it was a fun sesh and a great time!  Also, when we were out building there have been some epic sunsets, so I grabbed the camera and got a few shots to include as well.  Hopefully everyone is enjoying the holidays and has a great New Year!


On a side note, I’m stoked to say the Amp is up and running again!