Sunday, December 13, 2009

Fogelsode #6: Stormy Week with Sandy Drifts

This week has been filled with much anticipated rain!  It’s been POURING like crazy over the past few days, and stormy all week!  It’s been great for building, but not so much for filming.  We were able to get some shots though.  The beginning was shot at that freeride trail up in Santa Cruz.  We only got a few shots in until it started raining, so we bombed a trail back down to the cars and headed home.  A few days later, we checked out an old trail that we used to ride all the time when we first got into mountain biking.  The trail is super sandy, so it’s the best this time of year when the water keeps it together.  It ended up being a lot more fun than we thought, with some fast drifty corners and tight single-track!  We were really low on light though, and nabbed some shots before it got completely dark!  It was raining pretty good on Friday and Saturday was just insane!  It’s looking like the rain will let up for a week, so some major building is going to go down!