Sunday, December 6, 2009

Fogelsode #5: Funspot and Forest Freeride

Fogelsode #5 is online!  Mike Montgomery was in town for the weekend so we rode various spots around here.  When we went to the Funspot Bike Park, Mike absolutely killed it, throwing some crazy tricks over the big box!  He even nailed his two new tricks, the M/M 360 (superman seatgrab indian air 360) and the Rodeo 360 (360 so dumped it looks like a corkflip at the peak)!  Luke was there too, making some techy lines look smooth and easy!  The same day we rode the step-up and I learned a new trick, nothing to tailwhip!  They were kinda small, but we should have some pretty big jumps up and running in the next few weeks, so I’m hoping to get them more extended over those.  Mike helped me out with my dumped 3’s as well!

The second half was filmed up in the woods at a cool freeride trail.  We all brought out the fullys and had a blast riding something new and different!  We were sure to get plenty of runs in on the trails as well!



On a side note, Justin Brantley has been SLAYING it behind the lens as usual!  Here’s a few shots from this week.