Saturday, December 5, 2009

Brandon Hayward and Aeron Learmonth

I have been helping Jay and Keith go through the emails they get for sponsorships. I have been going through a lot of emails from all over. But, there must be something in the water in Kelowna … I got an email from 15  year old Aeron Learmonth looking for sponsorship with this video attached.

Aeron 2009 Promo from Aeron learmonth on Vimeo.

Then last week Jay posted up a video of Brandon Hayward doing a mexi-can on his Rampant. The next day I got an email in my inbox from Brandon Hayward looking for sponsorship. Today I have wasted most of my day catching up on internet reading, doing blog posts and putting my wildcard back together. After I stopped at my favorite porn site (I can not link it, my mom might read this) I headed to pinkbike, what do i find? More Brandon Hayward …


and some Dustin Greenall.


This is Team Ok’s full length movie featuring Aeron, Brandon and Dustin. I can not wait to see what these guys do in 2010 … and all on Banshee bikes.


I am going to have to move to Kelowna, and get schooled by these riders half my age.