Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year

After I got off work I did some work on my Amp and then went for a ride. It rides even better than it looks.


Banshee Amp short frame. Tweet Tweet rims, bars, stem, grips, saddle and sprocket. Deity cranks, pedals and seat post. I hope to spend the next three or four days in the skate park and then off to Thailand on Wednesday.


Not the best pictures, but I still think it looks pretty good. I will try to get some better shots before I head to Thailand.

Happy New Year

EDIT: January 2nd, I am not feeling too well, I have a sore throat and a head ache. I decided I would take it easy and try to get some better pictures of my Amp. Being out on my bike made me feel a little bit better.

IMG_6249 IMG_6243 IMG_6245