Sunday, December 20, 2009

Tasmania roadtrip

2 weeks ago i got on a plane and headed for tasmania to participate in a couple contests. The first contest was held in a little town called Launceston. It was held on a locals farm with the course being short but sweet. It consisted of a small set up drop to right hand berm/speed jump/ normal jump/ big right hand berm and then into the ramp to dirt trick jump. There was an open class but i wasn't really aloud to compete because the prizes were bike products that i couldn't really use anyway. So that was a bummer but i did get to ride a fair bit and ended up judging the contest. I woke up the next morning with a big picture in the local newspaper tho so that was cool.

The second jam was at the Downhill nationals in hobart. After a little tweaking with the shovel when we arrived the jumps felt alright, pretty small but good enough to pull out some tricks.
here's a real short edit of me from that jam.

It's good to see a couple of contest popping up here in Australia, there really is never any contest here through out the year. How ever there is a real decent one coming up on January 16-17th during the national DH event here in my home town. Its sponsored by Barspin Imports (dealer of Banshee) which is great, this contest will be great for the Australian scene. Keep in touch for a big right up on that event.
I'd also like o thank my sponsors for helping out too.