Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Resolve to go further

The next decade is almost upon us, and with the new year brings that annual tradition of making a new year resolution. So again I want to inspire you to reach that little bit further, wither it is by stepping your riding up to the next level pushing the limits of your nerve and skill, or going on an adventure that is going to push your comfort zone and fitness.

This inspiring and beautiful video was sent to me by Horst from Austria, these are his words that accompanied the e-mail:

Hi Keith!

I like to show you a video.
Me riding my wildcard in a high alpine region.
The mountain is called "hochstadel" (south of Austria).
As I saw it first, I didn´t believe we can ride 99 % of the downhill
with our bikes.

Silly Lines Reloaded from amotion.at on Vimeo.

We were lucky to do the first 1000 m difference in altitude with my bus, then we had 900 m to push and mostly carry our bikes to the top (2681 m).
On top we had some snow and also some icy passages.

(video made by Andreas Altendorfer; amotion.at)

if you like the video - and to make me a present ;-)
- post it on the banshee blog!

I also included 2 pictures:
one shows the mountain and the trail we did,

the other is a kind of promotional photo of my wildcard. ;-)

Best regards!

Thanks for the video Horst and Andreas, it shows a truly epic and great adventure with your bikes and buddies. How could a day get any better?

I hope this video will inspire you to try something new, and find that next big adventure!