Monday, December 21, 2009

Fogelsode #7: XC Trails, Downhill Trails, and Building Trails

The rain let up this week, making for some dialed trails!  Everyone was busy on Tuesday, so I decided to go out for a little cross-country solo ride.  I rode this cool trail that I hadn’t ridden in ages.  It was the first trail that I ever went mountain biking on and I used to ride it as much as I could, so it was cool going back and riding it now.  I was anxious to make a self-filmed video too, so it was fun to try that!  It really makes you think about choosing angles carefully, but it ended up working out well and I’m stoked on how it came together.

A few days later, the crew met up and ran some shuttles on some sick downhill trails.  With the dirt nice and wet, it made for some fast berms and slick lines.  It was cool to have a big group to sesh trails with too.

We got a little rain as well, so we hiked up in the woods and made some progress on a new line.  It’s shaping up to be pretty sweet, but it’s still got a ways to go.  Overall just been having lots of good times riding tons of trails this week!