Thursday, December 17, 2009

Australia’s first ever National Dirt Jump Competition

Barspin Imports and Banshee in Australia have just won main sponsorship rights of Australia’s first ever National Dirt Jump Competition!  It’s the inaugural event and promises to be absolutely huge with sensational prizes (both cash and frames) on offer.  We’re looking for talented dirt jumpers from all over Australia to head on down to Adelaide to show off their stuff on the Eagle MTB Park jumps, which just happen to be built by Banshee’s own Alan Hepburn and friends. 

For more information on how you can register, just email or check out the official website:

Categories will be:  Open “Pro” (19y.o.+ and all age sponsored riders), Dirt Dudes (all U19 with no sponsorship), and the crowd’s favourite, all in, Best Trick!!   Prizes include Banshees Rampant and Amp frames along with some good cash prizes and riding gear.  The Dirt Dude winner will also get a sponsorship package from Barspin Imports.  That’s got to tempt you into a road trip! 

Cheers all,

Darren (Barspin Imports – proudly distributing Banshee in Australia).