Wednesday, December 30, 2009

WTB's Weir Escapes Harm in House Fire - BRAIN

Just read this on the Brain - [bicycle retailer and industry news].
Thank goodness they got out ok... but thats terrible news and I hope they will be alright

NOVATO, CA (BRAIN)—Mark Weir's Marin County home—that he shares with his wife, Sue, and son, Gus—burnt down Sunday evening, as a fire broke out in the garage and spread throughout their home.

The family got out safely after being alerted by the fire alarm system.

Jason Moeschler, who works with Weir at WTB, pulled up on the scene Sunday evening as the street was closed by fire trucks. Moeschler said that Weir's garage contained "one of the most magnificent collections of high end bikes ever assembled, not to mention the lifetime collection of tools and cycling memorabilia.

"It claimed everything in the garage," Moeschler added.

The house is uninhabitable, but thankfully no one was injured, Moeschler said.

—Jason Norman