Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Matt Brooks and Friends Riding in February

Hey all! I got a chance to take out a friend on the Banshees and hit the bike park over the last couple days. It's been unseasonably warm for quite awhile here in Kamloops so I thought it might be a good chance to shoot a couple pics and spread some 22 pride. My friend Lance and I took out the Wildcard and the Rampant on the first day and got a little dirt jumping in. The trails are in awesome shape right now, and there is some building happening, so obviously we weren't the only ones peeking out noses out side to see what's up. When we got there, there was about 10 others already dirt jumping, and another few building. It looks like a new DH track is nearing completion and it's got some real nice features. I hope it will draw lots of people for the race the ranch event this year. On day 2 we decided to pull out the big bikes and shred some DH trails, so I got on the Scythe and Lance stuck with the Wildcard. All the trails were in great shape with no mud at all. We put in a bunch of laps and called it a day after a couple beers. All in all a great riding day for the beginning of February. We snapped a bunch of pics so I thought I'd share them with everyone on here. Hope every ones winter is going as well as ours.