Monday, February 15, 2010

Fogelsode #15: Woodward Round 2

Cob and I left early Saturday morning to road trip down to Woodward West.  It was pouring rain when we left, and thinking we would drive out of the storm, it got worse and eventually started to snow when we got into Tehachapi!  We met up with James Visser and hurried into The Hanger to stay dry!  We warmed up by pumping around the park for a bit, and started seshing the foam and resi!  Probably 10 minutes into being there, my bike got away from me on a trick into foam, and made a loud snapping noise when it hit the ground.  I climbed out of the foam pit to see my fork snapped in half with oil puddling up around it!  Thankfully I had my Rampant, and rode that for the rest of the time!  James started nailing some dialed double flips into the foam, and decided to take them to resi.  He dropped in and everyone went silent as he yanked back off the lip.  He spun the whole thing but landed to flat and fell!  He got up and tried it a few more times until he nailed it!  The trip was off to a great start!  Later he did his first tailwhips to pedals over the resi!  I was stoked to learn no-foot-can flips and one-foot-x-up to barspins over the resi, plus I ended up tailwhipping the resi superpipe!  We all took a break from the resi/foam and seshed the park for a while.  Cob had some crazy lines going, blasting out of the quarters and boosting tricks over the box!  He dialed in some techy manual and tire tap lines as well!  Cob and James ripped it up in the bowls, doing some sick lines like the bowl-to-bowl wallride transfer!  We seshed the box jump a bit, and did some trains through the park and on the resi.  I was really surprised how well the Rampant did in the park!  I thought I wouldn’t be able to do anything, but it was almost like riding my Amp!  We did this quarterpipe to bank transfer that was really fun, and I ended up downside-whipping it after a few tries, so I was really stoked on that!  Everyone threw down and left with at least one new trick learned on the resi!