Thursday, February 25, 2010

Aeron Learmonth - Banshee Bikes - February 2010

Written by Aeron Learmonth

It can't get much better then this, Tee shirt weather in February. Especially doing it all on my 2010 Banshee Amp, tricked out with Gamut and Wellgo components. Built and tested at outbound cycle, were I spend my off hours making a little money. I have been wanting to start up monthly blogs for a while, so why not start now. This is if the first of many blogs about my 2010 riding season.

A great weekend:
Day one
On Friday we all had a day off school so we met up at Harrison's house for a sesh.
Just kept it pretty chill because It was first time on the new jumps

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I have been wanting to do a little Banshee Amp video ever since i got my 2010 bike. This is not exactly what i had in mind but it will do until i make a real one.

This is my 2010 Banshee Amp, I just started riding, It has been amazing so far, but it is still not 100% done as you can see with no back purple wheel. I would like to thanks wellgo for hooking me up with blue pedals and gamut for getting me that bashring. Most of all i would like to point out that frame, huge thanks to Banshee for making such a nice Dj frame.
Day 2
On sunday we went over to the local sand jump and tried some tricks.


You can't see it but I am testing to new Atomlab Hydrotwist Gryo. It has been good, and I am stoked to get barspins on lock.
With the Amp being so light and nimble I can throw things like Tailwhips! Also the gyro helps so i don't have to pre-wrap my cables


Most of the time I can 360 what ever I want, but thanks to how low and light the Amp is i can do it with style, Here is a peak of what my new flat 360s look like.


Looks like thats all for this month, check in late March of a update.
Thanks to Everyone