Sunday, February 21, 2010

Legend Spy Shots

I have been hanging out with Jay in 中壢 (zhong li) for the past couple of days. On Friday I got my first view of the 2010 Legend. I can honestly say I did not want one until I saw the finished product.

Today Jay made the big mistake of taking me back to the factory, giving me a tour of the Legend production facility and then asking me to take some pictures of the finished white and black Legends for That is like showing a crack addict where the crack is made and stored and then leaving the crack addict with the crack to take pictures of it. Or maybe it was more like being left with a camera and two swim suit models.

When Jay left me in the studio with two Medium Legends and his camera so many things flashed through my crack head mind. I could call a cab and be back home in Kaohsiung before he even knew I had made off with the frames. But then I did what any straight Canadian man would do with two swim suit models …


(Medium Legend with two bands on seat tube.)

Medium Black Legends will have two green bands on the seat tube. Small Legend frames will have one band and the Large frames will have three.

DSC_0153post DSC_0155post DSC_0160post DSC_0165post DSC_0171post

EDIT by Keith: Props must be given to Aaron Neumann for both of these colour way designs. Great work Aaron!


(Large Legend with three bands on seat tube.)

Large White Legends will have three red bands on the seat tube. Medium two bands and Small will have one.

DSC_0184post DSC_0188post DSC_0191post DSC_0196post DSC_0203post DSC_0209post

I hope it was as good for you as it was for me.

Rob Dunnet

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