Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Legend Update

I'm getting swampped now with guys wondering when the Legends will start arriving.
Well the good news is that we're only couple weeks max. Packaging has arrived and looks pretty cool, Ti hardware didn't arrive today but should arrive tomorrow but we've already started pressing in bearings, threaded inserts, and other things that can be done before putting in the axles. I'm down in assembly with the guys hand chasing every thread, reaming holes, and just watching over everything just so we all get a good feel on how the fit and finish is. Its very much hands on and we can feel how every bearing fit feels pressing in and how every pivot bore diameter feels as well. I know that this is Taiwan and I know people think that means mass produced but the attention these bikes are getting is very reminiscant of handmade. For me it feels great getting on the floor and putting these together and knowing that the frame some of you will be getting will be 100% dialled because i've personally either gone totally over it or assembled it myself.
I'm pretty happy how everything is going together and I think the time we spent working on it has definitely been worth it.

The other thing people have been asking is when are we going to get to see the Black/Green and the White/red.
As soon as i get the hardware I will build them up and snap off a bunch of pics.
The team red was pretty sweet looking, but personally i'm loving the white and red. The red is kinda of that coral neon red so it just pops off the white. On the right you can see it on a color tube sample. Links will be black so it will tie in black parts on the bike.
The Black/green has a black upper link with the green lower link that will match the decals. It also looks super nice to.
I know that some people don't want something as flashy as the team but still want to subtley have people notice their bikes. I think the Black/green and White/red do that quite nicely but still look very racey.

Ok thats it from me for now