Sunday, February 28, 2010

Fogelsode #17: Rain Rain Rain

After a long week of school and rain, I was craving to get out and ride!  It was an overcast morning, so I got ready, opened the garage, grabbed my bike, and BAM!  It started pouring!  I almost just went back inside, but really wanted to ride, so I set off into the storm!  Riding down the street towards the trail, I thought to myself “Man, this is the worst idea ever, I’m already soaked.”  It improved in the woods though, and once I got going it got better and better.  There were some corners that I stopped and sessioned because they were so fun drifting around, hoping the tires wouldn’t slide out.  It was also my first ride on my new Straitline pedals!  I am impressed to say the least with them; that ride was in some of the worst possible conditions for pedals, yet my feet didn’t slip once!  All in all it was a great time bombing some fun trails in the rain!

At another point in the week, I met up with Justin Brantley to do a photoshoot in some dryer conditions.  We spent some time on this particular corner, where he was seeing how close he could get with his new wide angle lens!  I set up the camera just to see, and switched the angles around a few times after that.  Of course, Justin nailed some bangers!