Sunday, February 7, 2010

Fogelsode #14: Flowy Trails and Big Drifts

We got hit by a small storm this week, making for lots of digging.  The rain was pretty light during a few days, so Max and I went out for a trail ride!  The dirt was great, so we sessioned a fun set of s-berms.  We continued down the trail to a cool little line that I built last winter.  It’s a berm into a hip step-down followed by a straight step-up.  Max was hitting it dialed, but the time we filmed it he overcleared the step-down and nosed cased into the back of the step-up landing!  Luckily he was all good!  I threw a few tailwhips over it and we moved on down the trail.  We reached a fun flowy section with some turns that drop away at their exits.  They’re super fun because you can lean into them and go weightless as you fall towards the next corner.  One has a fun high speed jump after it, that we ended up hitting a few times!  The rain started to pick up, plus it was getting dark, so we got out of there!

My buddy has some property up in the mountains that we’ve been building on every now and then.  The rain loosened up the dirt quite a bit, so we spent a day digging out there.  Near sunset everyone was pretty tired, so we busted out the dirt bikes and Rhino to moto around a little track that’s up there!  Matt was doing some crazy drifts in the Rhino, one time almost flipping it!  Everyone else raced around on the dirt bikes, which was tons of fun because it was the first time riding them for most of us!  Definitely a great way to end the day!  Just good times hanging out, building, riding, and messing around with friends!