Monday, February 8, 2010

Thredbo, Australia Update from Team Geronimo

Well, it is already Tuesday, Feb. 9 down under. Graeme is at Thredbo, getting ready for the big race this coming weekend. He is staying and training with 18 year old Oz rider Danny Lavis - a pinner, from what Graeme says - and Josh Button, a top-ranked Oz rider.

Get this - in order to practice during the week, lift tickets are $70/day! And from what we understand, there are no qualifiers, just the race run. This event will be have way better attendance than Shepparton - that was Shepparton's first go round, it didn't seem to have a good reputation, and so a lot of riders didn't show for that one.

The course: 6+ minutes of gnarly, steep downhill. No uphills, no flats. Sounds ripe for arm pump . . . An initial report from Graeme said the Legend Mk II handles it all with ease! After 4-5 days of race training with Button and Lavis, expect Graeme to know the course like the back of his hand (and all the pinner lines). Watch our twitter feed for more race updates as the week progresses.

PS - Cody and Graeme recently met up with Damian Breach for a photo shoot and interview. Look for the exclusive Legend MkII bike check on soon!