Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Keith + Esher Pump Track = carnage

Mythic / Banshee design engineer and co-owner Keith Scott paid a visit to Esher Shore's new "pump track" yesterday - its not open to the public but Keith came down to help myself (Rob C) and John (Jesus) Holme out with some digging...riding...and more digging..and riding!!

another pre-release "blurry" image courtesy of Photoshop...and Mr Steve Behr of "Stockfile" / MBUK magazine

Keith had the pleasure of using my Rampant (short) and John's AMP (long), and we had a wicked session, whilst being chased around the Pump Track by archie the dog!

whilst I was in the Freeborn Esher shop hooking a customer up with some tires, Keith decided to get very airbourne on my Rampant (it's that kind of bike...leads a rider to trouble) and took a harsh slam on a new section of the pump track we were cutting that day

I missed all the excitement, but came out the shop to find Keith a bit dazed and confused after landing head first on a new berm, my Rampant full of sand (stem bolts, maxle, pedals etc.) and John saying "wicked crash..."

as is normal, we missed getting the slam on video, or we would be sharing it with you right now, but John and I send healing vibes to Keith, and hope you are not too sore..

cheers and happy trails!

Rob C
Mythic Bikes, UK

EDIT BY KEITH: I took a photo of the crater my head made in the berm... check it out ouuucchhhyyy my neck still hurts!