Monday, April 26, 2010

Jack Fogelquist's New Scythe

Last week I was in California staying with Jack, riding some local spots like the famous step up and epic DH trails, as well as shooting a bike check with photos from from Justin Brantley.

Jack's new bike arrived while I was staying at his place last week after Sea Otter. So we built it up at his local bike shop the next day and hit the local trails (Which are AMAZING!). I crashed out on the first day (woops) and bashed my elbow up so spent most the time filming, then helping Jack edit the footage together. Justin was on hand doing what he does best by taking some great photos in the tricky lighting conditions of the forest.

Check out the full bike check article with photos here

We had a great couple of days filming Jack enjoying his new big rig, but nobody was smiling as much as the Fogel who was loving being back on a big bike, and finding himself riding harder and faster than ever before.