Monday, April 5, 2010

Introducing Adam Brayton

OK, so this is coming ahead of a big press release, but I figured that you blog reader guys might as well get a bit of a sneak peak as to what this year has in store.

For 2010 Adam Brayton is one half of this years Team Mythic / Banshee World Cup Factory Team, the other half I will announce in the next couple of weeks in an official press release, so stay tuned.

I've met up with Adam twice this year so far, once at a Motocross 3 hour endurance race (where he came 2nd in his class) and once at Scottish Winter DH Series race at Innerleithen (40mins drive from my front door... nice! He won the Elite at this race). Since then he has raced at an invitational DH race in Sardinia... where he won by 10seconds on a 2min track, and also in a Norther DH series race at Kidland where he won in the mud... despite loosing his chain!!!)

Check out this video to get an idea of what Adam 'Showtime' Brayton is all about... the words 'mental' and 'joker' spring to mind. Haha, he is a fun guy, but don't mess with him when he has his race face on!

Dirt: Training with the Pros

So far Adam has won 3 for 3 on his MkII. I can't wait to see what Adam can achieve on the Legend this year, where the WC courses are steep and techy... just as he likes it! Remember Champory 2007 where he came 6th when he was only 18. Bring on the 2010 world cup!!