Sunday, April 25, 2010

Kaohsiung Clown Style

In my absence James has been hard at work clearing out dead bamboo, clearing grass and shoveling dirt. We had been talking about building a step up and when I showed up today it was already there. Maybe I should go away more often …

Props to James for building the new step up. We spent all afternoon jumping and tweaking it.

Note: click on pictures for full size ...

jim 8 jim 4 jim 6

I have the new Manitou Circus dirt jump fork on my Amp. I have about a dozen rides on the Circus, I had high expectations after reading initial reviews and the fork has exceeded those expectations. During Sea Otter I picked up the perfect accessory for the Circus. Thanks Rich, Len and Sean at Manitou for the hook up.

rob 2

rob 3rob 4rob 5

rob 7

For more information on the circus go here or here or here … I would get another one just for another clown nose.

rob 10rob 9

rob 1

Keep Riding.

Rob Dunnet