Friday, April 30, 2010

Mike Montgomery Podium's in Switzerland

In Mikes words:

"Hey everyone I just wanted to give ya a shout and a lil run down on how my trip was to Switzerland. The event was a blast(just like the volcano)and went really well. I place in 5th and won best trick. 5th overall isn't bad since its the first event of the season. Now that my feet are wet and I know what I'm up against. I know what I need to do and what trick to put out of the bag for a podium. Tomorrow I'll send out 2 news paper clipping that i made it in. 1 from the event and the second just cause i was stuck there and the local paper wanted to run a story.

Now that the season is in full swing I'm heading up 2 bend Oregon this coming weds.just shortly after that I leave may 6th for the FISE event in France. So its a very busy season opening month and I cant wait to put a smile on yawls faces. We belong on top!

1st Finals Run

2nd Finals Run

Best Trick

Rocket Air Slopestyle Besttrick from Ice-TV on Vimeo.

On this warm up attempt i never clicked my heals but you get the flow of what trick I did Shortly after this one i clicked them and went back to pedals for a smooth ride away. BackFlipHealClicker. BrapBrap!!!!!!!!"

Congrats on a great start of what looks to be a busy year competing at the top! Good to have you on board, and I'm glad you are enjoying the Amp frame.

I also stole this from Mikes Facebook...

' Mike Montgomery - Just finished the first session on my Banshee Rampant and flipwips, rodeo3s, 3wips all made an appearance! '

I can't wait to see what a he is going to throw down this year on the bigger slopestyle courses on the Rampant!!!

Good luck for the year ahead Mike, we will all be cheering you on.