Friday, April 16, 2010

Team Geronimo + Sea Otter

Update via photos!

It has been a great experience here in Monterey. The team has grouped, minus Cody Eichhorn due to injury. Heal up fast mate so you can come join the FUN! Racing for the team kicks off tomorrow with the dual slalom. Pro dh race is Sunday! It is the who's who of the bike industry. More to come as more goes down.

Team Geronimo and Banshee crew

Brian Buell is all thumbs up for this massive bag o' chips!

Brian and Michael Buell do a walk of the course and discuss line choice.

Yes, our pit shirts are pretty much rad!

Brian Buell suiting up with his Dainese armor.

Please note sock height.

Early morning light sure is nice.

Barb Buell supplying the cookie goodness to fuel our sleep.

Family dinner... Brandon, you aren't suppose to eat the shell of those.

Trailer full of flashy race bikes!

Point1 has some really nice stuff. check them out!

Team Geronimo!

Brandon and Brian let Keith know their thoughts of their new bikes.