Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Team Geronimo at Sea Otter

It's another Sea Otter for the books, but 2010 marked the debut of Team Geronimo at the nation's biggest biking event.

Brian Buell and Graeme Pitts arrived back stateside from competing in the Pan Am Championships in Guatemala just in time to load up the Team Geronimo trailer in the middle of a Sierra blizzard. Michael Buell and Brandon Turman joined them a day later, and the trip to Monterey was underway. Team mate Cody Eichhorn was forced to miss celebrating his birthday at Sea Otter due to an elbow injury earlier in the year which required repeat surgery. He is healing well and due to join the team at the US Open at Diablo Freeride Park in NJ over Memorial Day weekend.

IMG_1662 by GeoffersonP.

The Team Geronimo/Banshee Bikes tent was conveniently situated right next to the Hayes Bicycle Group tent, and the whole area was abuzz with energy. Banshee Bikes engineer, Keith Scott, Trident Performance Sports and the Canadian Banshee Team joined in the pit, providing good cheer and camaraderie for the entire event. The team and the bikes got a huge amount of attention, with many people getting a chance to try out the team Legend Mk II, Rampant, Amp, Paradox and Spitfire.

This post is a short one, on the way to the Port Angeles Pro Gravity Tour race, which is turning into a mini World Cup race due to the ash from the Icelandic volcano, causing planes to be grounded. As we get situated there, we'll have more photos from Sea Otter and more news. Above photos courtesy of Geoff Pitts; more available at http://www.flickr.com/photos/geoffpp/

Thanks to Jay MacNeil at Banshee Bikes for continued support and all his hard work behind the scenes as we get to enjoy these magnificent machines and bring them to the world. We'd also like to thank Lawrence Saiyo for his help in getting them built in time for Sea Otter, and being present in the pit as our mechanic. A big thank you to Devon Balet, who got some incredible shots of the team as he put up with us all week. You can view his photos at http://devonbaletphoto.com