Friday, April 30, 2010

MBUK - "Pump Your Rump" article

“Pump your rump” - not the best title for an article on our new Pump Track, but once you’ve ridden the Pump Track, you would completely understand just why MBUK magazine’s lead journalist Doddy named his article this way - the Pump Track will literally kill you, from a fitness perspective!

The article is very complimentary of the Esher Pump Track, and I am really glad Doddy picked up on the big difference between our Pump Track and many of those that have come before - the so called “bmx pump tracks”

The Esher Pump Track is more like a 4X track in its 3-Dimensionality, and sheer aerobic workout, and the high level of skill required to really ride the track at full speed, and make the most of its many features and lines…

We are hoping to open the Pump Track in the near future, and with the BBC forecasting rain this weekend, it presents a prime opportunity for the trail crew to get all the “niggling” outstanding issues fixed, including the new backline which currently looks more like a piece of the Sahara desert, than something that belongs on a working Pump Track!

more news soon..keep in touch using our website

MBUK’s latest issue will reach subscribers mailboxes tomorrow morning, and will be on the news stands on Wednesday morning next week


Rob C

Esher Shore