Monday, January 4, 2010

Fogelsode #9: Step-Ups!

There’s been on and off rain through the week, making most of the jumps unridable.  Fortunately, the step-ups are in great shape because the sand absorbs the water and gets nice and soft.  Ray and I decided to take advantage of this and rolled over to the Aptos step-up to work on some tricks.  When we got there, we found that the run-in was covered in some dense mud-like sand, but we got it all cleared out fast and began the sesh.  Ray was killing it with some dialed 3s, fat no-foot-cans, and big nothings.  He even seat-landed a few no-kick tailwhips!  I wanted to try some cannonballs, so I gave them a shot and they ended up working out!  I started messing around with no-foot-can variations after that, and did some no-handed no-foot-cans and seat-grab-cans!  It was a fun day of learning new tricks and practicing old ones!

Later in the week, Iggy, Cob, and I cruised out to the other step-up for a quick New Years sesh.  Cob and I decided to try 720s.  We both under-rotated and fell, but I felt like I could get closer.  I tried a few more and ended up riding out of one with a foot down!  Low on light, we packed up and headed home.  Overall it was an awesome week, especially with everything being so wet!


I hope everyone had a great New Years!  2010 is going to be good!