Sunday, January 3, 2010

Amp: Weapon of Choice

On Sunday I rode the local skate park with a couple of friends. I recently got a new wheel set from Spank Industries. A set of red Tweet Tweet rims on black Chosen hubs.


I wanted to get a chance to test them out before I head to Thailand, Laos and Malaysia so I made some changes to make my Amp ride able. I needed a fork will a 20mm axle so I stole the Talas RC2 from my Wildcard. I am testing a set of brakes for Clarks and a Tweet Tweet Sprocket for Spank, when I removed my cranks on New Year’s Eve I realized that the bearings were shot. So I ended up changing my cranks too. With all these changes my Amp felt a lot different.  I found that I was able to bunny hop higher and spin faster.


In the skate park it felt like I was getting more hang time then I was before the changes. I am not a park rider and I would not classify the Amp as a park bike. But when all I have is a skate park the Amp is the first bike I would choose. Dirt, Park, Street … the Amp is my weapon of choice.


星期天我根幾個朋友去高雄的park騎車. 最近我從Spank拿到新的輪子. 紅色Tweet Tweet的輪框和黑色的Chosen的花鼓. 我去泰國,寮國和馬來西亞以前想騎我的Amp,所以我改變有些零件. 我換前叉,煞車,大齒盤以後我的車騎的不太一樣. 我覺得我趒的比以前高,還在park飛的比較高和轉的比較快. 我不算騎park的人,我也覺得Amp不是park的車. 可是要騎park的時候我要騎我的Amp. 土坡,park,路上 … Amp是最好的車子.

 IMG_6443 IMG_6475

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The only thing that would make my Amp better is Christopher Walken.