Sunday, January 24, 2010

Fogelsode #12: Making the Best of a Stormy Week

As the title suggests, we got hit by a big storm this week!  We spent most of the week over at Cob’s house, digging on the jumps.  The storm kept messing up the surfaces of everything, so we mostly piled dirt for a new line.  We put in a new underground drain and Cob worked his magic on the sixth hip landing.  I’m getting super stoked on that place, and can see some crazy seshes going down in the spring!  It’s a cool set up out there, with a dialed barn that you can chill in when the rain gets too gnarly.  After a few days of straight digging everyone started to come up with new things to do.  One was to drive around on the forest roads to check out the damage.  There were quite a few fallen trees, with some downed power-lines to go with them!  We found a muddy pull-off and Clay blasted through it in his truck!  Still raining, we found some old snow saucers and took them to the abandoned quarry to do some sledding (which ultimately ended up as a sore next day)!  Definitely some good times having fun in the rain though!

Towards the end of the week, the rain let up and Iggy and I set out to rip some muddy trails!  We rode some sick all-mountain trails, with rad high speed sections and fast jumps!  It was sick plowing through puddles and drifting wet corners!  It felt great getting out for a ride after not doing so for a few days as well!