Sunday, January 10, 2010

Fogelsode #10: Wood Kickers and Sandy Drops

Winter has been great so far with its nice cool weather!  We got a huge sesh going at the step-up and everyone threw down!  David landed his first backflip and Kevin got close on some 720s!  We checked out a cool little sandy cliff next to the jump, and decided to build a “trick drop”.  We found a piece of plywood for the takeoff and quickly shoveled out a landing.  It was perfect, with a solid takeoff into a nice and soft landing with a wide run-out.  The size was great too--not too big to be scary, but not too small to have time for tricks.  I’ve been wanting to try some tricks off drops for a while, and this was the perfect time to make it happen.  The first trick was no-foot-cans, which were scary at first but ended up working out well!  The second was tailwhips, which I thought would be really difficult.  It’s actually a lot like tailwhipping a jump, you just have to give it a nice bunnyhop-kick off the lip and trust that you will spin the whole thing on the way down.  It feels so weird tailwhipping only while falling, but it’s sick once you get used to it!  The third trick was 360s.  I had tried 3s off the same drop about a year ago, but only landed two.  It ended up working out perfectly first try, so I was stoked on that!  Everything got really fun after that, just practicing and dialing them in!  Jeff was killing it too, with some big tuck-no-handers off the drop!

Matt really wanted to stop by Post Office on the way back, to 360 the wood jump there.  The lip had a weird kink in it due to a few broken boards, so it was pretty sketchy!  Matt tried a few times, but ended up getting messed up in the air and bailing.  Zack nailed some 3s over it though, so that was cool to see!  David was shredding on it too, with some big tucks and fat no-foot-cans.  Overall just a lot of good times learning and practicing new and old tricks!




Also, Zack just got his new Amp all built up, and it’s looking clean!  Check it out!DSC00058