Sunday, January 17, 2010

Fogelsode #11: Steep Trails and Rainy Dirt Jumps

We got some rain early this week, making for some nice trails!  The crew rolled out to Santa Cruz to do some runs and we ended up seshing a cool trail with a whole bunch of ladders!  There were tons of loamy berms, wooden drops, step-downs, and a big wallride, making for a good time!  Towards the end of the ride, we headed over to a new drop that we’ve been working on.  Cob and Clayton finished clearing out the landing and Iggy was the guinea pig.  It was super dark but he hit it like it was nothing.  Epic day for sure!

We got more rain that night, and decided to check out Cob’s jumps the next day!  They looked good, with no puddles!  We swept the leaves off, did some touch-ups on the lips and landings, carpeted the newly redone second lip, and brought out the bikes!  Matt showed up to help out and the sesh was on!  Right when we started riding, it started to rain, but very lightly.  We just planned on jumping until it got too wet, but it never did.  The rain was just on and off through the day, and the jumps stayed awesome!  It’s not very common to dirt jump in the rain, so it was cool to get a chance to do it!  Everyone killed it; Matt threw some big tucks and one-footed tables, and Cob opened up a can of 100% Grade A Concentrated Steeze.  I was having fun 3ing the second jump, and did my first topside-whip on the fourth hip!  I started downside canning that hip, and tried throwing a table in there.  It felt crazy, but worked out and started to feel pretty cool!  Overall it was an awesome sesh, just having fun riding in the rain while learning a couple new tricks!  It started to get dark, so Cob did some patching while Matt and I covered up the lips and berm with carpet.  There’s supposed to be a huge storm this week, so hopefully that protects them a little bit haha!



Oh and those 2010 bikes are looking sooooo dialed!  You guys rule!