Monday, January 18, 2010

Australian National Dirt Jump comp.

The first ever Australian National Dirt Jump comp was held last weekend in conjunction with the National DH championships.There was a good turn out with all the top riders from sydney and melbourne making the trip to Adelaide to ride there hearts out. The format was a 30 minute jam and a 15min best trick session, a good crowd turned up and the riders were pumped to throw it down.
It was also good to see a lot of people that I haven't seen in awhile, and to see what level Australia's riding is at. Theres definitely been some progression in the last few years and there a plenty of riders coming up through the ranks.

The jam started of with a bang, with plenty of riders going for it, I had a few unlucky crashes at the start that didn't help, but got a few good runs done later on. The weather was playing a little roll too with the wind not being the best for us to ride but when you have to ride you have to ride. I got 2nd in the jam with local rider elliot getting 1st, it was a very tight decision, but elliot rode very well through out the whole 30mins so it was well deserved.

Next up was best trick and it had some bangers. HHmm where to start , there were plenty flip whip attempts, a couple riders were getting very close but there was a strict rule that it had to be to pedals for it to count. There was also a frontflip tailwhip attempts by benny, as crazy as it sounds on a mtb he actually got really really close and it was pretty amazing to see. I through down some flip superman indys and a 3 inward which tied for 1st against a frontflip.

So overall i was pretty happy with the weekend with a 2nd and tied 1st. Big props to Darren from Barspin imports (Banshee Australia) for sponsoring and making the event happen. Its a first for Australia and is a great step for Aussie riders.