Monday, January 25, 2010

Bible what?!

A special double issue of Bike Magazine hit the news stands a few weeks ago. The Bible of Bike Tests. All i have to say is, "where do i sign up to join this crew next year?"

Banshee even made an appearance with the Paradox! I'm not sure what they are talking about when they say, "the stiff 5-pound aluminum frame might be a bit on the harsh side for an all-day slog..." I'm curious how long they actually rode this bike for. I was on mine for 28 hours in a 54 hour period and all i could think was, "THIS BIKE ROCKS! so solid, ready to charge downhill and get into the tightest of lines, thanks to the ultra tight chainstay. and when you jump on the pedals going uphill, you know where your power is going. straight into the wheels turning over pushing you uphill."

If you haven't ridden one, just do it. I have a medium in glenwood springs colorado pimped and waiting for you to go ride it.