Saturday, January 9, 2010

Nato riding Gillard

Hi fellow riders, this is Nato with a video that my buddy Matt put  
together of our local clubs Halloween ride. I did not know that he
was going to be filming a video and was stoked at running into him.
MTBco and Kelowna Cycle put on the ride day as a thanks to the riders
and builders, and for a nice season ender bender. Matt and i went
about two thirds up Gillard and got some nice clips. I am riding my
Banshee Wildcard which has been my go to bike for everything for the
past two years. Thanks to Jay for hooking me up. I had been breaking
frames every year up till i got this and this is a few POUNDS lighter
then my last frame. This makes me happy. While filming i was also
playing tour guide as Matt had never been there before and was pretty
blown away at all the trails & stunts. The temps were right at
freezing which made the wood a little dicy, really fun day though.
After the ride we dined on some yummy roast beef sandwiches and
salads and of course PILSNER the clubs beer sponsor. Thanks to MTBco,
Sign Design, Banshee, Straitline, Outbound Cycle, all the LBSs,
Leanne, and everyone else who loves to ride too. Enjoy the show.