Tuesday, January 12, 2010

I'll just do all the weights in one post

All frames are with hanger except the Amp... which includes the seatcollar at 55grams

All are mediums... the raw ones do include the clearcoat and are as sold.

No shocks or shock hardware are in the frames as you should be able to find out the weight from the shock manufacturer of your choice then add together with our frame weights to come up with the total. I figured I do this as its the most fair and it will be easier to compare our frames to others out there.

Of course when the Legend is done I'll weigh that and I will get weights of the Paradoxs [although in previous posts i've thrown it up already]


Robert Dunnet said...

orange scythe is so hot right now ... so hot

Anonymous said...

only 0.36 lb between the Spitfire and the Rune ??

that's odd. I tought it will be around 1 lb ...

Keith Scott said...

Once the shocks are on the spitfire will be about that much lighter due to smaller shock without reservoir. The spitfire put on a few grams with the tapered headtube and extra brace. Also the modified linkage is a tiny bit heavier just due to geometry. The spitfire frames are also longer than the rune frames which comes in to play. Runes are really pretty light bikes for the abuse they can take!

Fakawi said...

Raw wildcard!! woohoo!!

Anonymous said...

Haha, Fakawi, but yeah, I am thinking of having my Wildcard in Raw too. looking so good!!!

Any info where to get a complete and original Decal-Set?

Does removing the wet-paint affect the warranty (would be done by a professional Company)??

Greetings from Cologne, Germany

Anonymous said...

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