Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year

After I got off work I did some work on my Amp and then went for a ride. It rides even better than it looks.


Banshee Amp short frame. Tweet Tweet rims, bars, stem, grips, saddle and sprocket. Deity cranks, pedals and seat post. I hope to spend the next three or four days in the skate park and then off to Thailand on Wednesday.


Not the best pictures, but I still think it looks pretty good. I will try to get some better shots before I head to Thailand.

Happy New Year

EDIT: January 2nd, I am not feeling too well, I have a sore throat and a head ache. I decided I would take it easy and try to get some better pictures of my Amp. Being out on my bike made me feel a little bit better.

IMG_6249 IMG_6243 IMG_6245



Sneeck said...

Very nice, digging the red rims. But why a cromo crankset on such a light bike? I run a middleburn on mine and love it, weighs allot less and is stiff/ strong enough for street riding.

Robert "Goulet" Dunnet said...

lack of choice was the first reason i went with diety. it is hard to find parts in taiwan. second was deity's customer service. when ever i have had issues they have come through with solving them. three they work and look great ..

Jack Fogelquist said...

so rad! Happy New Year!

Aeron Learmonth said...

Look rad Rob! I love the Fox, Happy New year!

duttonmike said...

Rob, that is simply sick. Makes me want to rebuild my 101 with a little more style. Nice work.

Robert "Goulet" Dunnet said...

thanks mike