Sunday, June 21, 2009

Spares kits avaliable.

Spares kits are already, or will soon be, avaliable globally from dealers and distributors for all Banshee frames.

To see what kits there are check out the Freeborn website, where Jim has put up a complete list.


Robert "Goulet" Dunnet said...

how often would you recommend replacing bearings?

Keith Scott said...

I think that it is probably a good idea to replace the bearings on scythes and wildcards every year or so dependng on how hard and how much you are riding. Or if before this time they have started to feel gritty or notchy, then replace them for smoother suspension action.

As for VF4B bikes that use bushings, it depends more on how well you have looked after them, if you are maintaining them well, then they should last a year or so. However if grit gets in there obviously they will wear out faster. It is worth inspecting them every month or so... only takes 2 mins to check. If there is any sign of play then take the pivot apart and inspect what is worn, and replace.

Robert "Goulet" Dunnet said...

awesome, thanks for the information

rob c said...

a trick with ball bearings is to remove the frame axle and then "pop" the outer bearing shield with a sharp edge like a scalpel, so you don't deform the bearing shield

wipe any ingress of dirt away, and pump some fresh grease in there with a grease gun, or smear in there with your finger

for a full trick job, use the "chuck" of an electric drill (don't install a drill bit) and you can push the chuck against the bearing and spin it up using the drill so your grease gets distributed evenly throughout the bearing, rather than just sitting on the surface

replace the shield using finger pressure, -put axle back in, and go ride

if you are riding in foul weather conditions, do this every few months and you won't need to replace your bearings more than every 12-18 months

Maxim Chechel said...

Hi, the link to freeborn doesn't work anymore. Where can i find bushing kit for my pyre?