Monday, June 1, 2009


Season wrap up from Jared 'Jazza' Wilson:

Hey everyone,

With the scorching Australian summer now over and the winter settling in I thought I'd send you a bit of a season results wrap up aboard the new Legend MK1.

So far I couldn't be happier with the frame. A few minor issues as expected on a pre production frame, (Keiths on the case), but nothing major affecting performance. It has been a pleasure to ride from day one.

Seems like only yesterday I got it but its already been 7 months! Its still going strong and no signs of giving up any time soon. I'm currently looking forward to escaping the Aussie winter next week and hitting up the Whistler bike season (or two if I'm lucky and can survive a winter without riding!) Hopefully I take home some skills ready to take on the next Australian series.

the tally so far
1st Expert- Victorian State Series- Mt Beauty
1st Expert- Victorian State Series- You Yangs
1st Expert- Victorian State Champs- Mt Buller
2nd Expert- Australian Nationals- You Yangs
2rd Expert- Victorian state series overall
3nd Expert- Australian Nationals Overall